Bonjour (as French would say) to all the Strangers around,

Guess it makes sense if a COMPLETE STRANGER like me introduces himself amount the whole bunch of strangers around.

Being VIRGIN here (not only as far as sex is concerned :( but also in "DeniWeb", which I came across while browsing for computer related forums), I'll try to get used to with the site along with its forums, over the next few days.

Main purpose for me being is here is to get help if I get stuck with computer-related problems (which is often the case, I’m afraid). Let just hope this website proves rather wonderful (however, not quite as wonderful as the species of "women" that God has created rather tactfully).

I shall hope to continue the pleasure while being around here & meet some interesting people. I've participated in few discussion forums in the past, however not all Homo sapiens suits me well :(

Except that I'm from a non-exotic city of Leicester from the land of Shakespeare, Darwin, Dickins, Faraday, Beckham, BBC & James Bond ;), I wouldn't say a lot about me, as my personal website serves that purpose, which will be available online shortly.

All people including heterosexual/homosexual/bisexual/transsexual, etc. & all species including men/women etc. would be welcomed to catch a glimpse of my website, once it up & running.

So, in the mean time, I'll bid farewell .........

Good day to all (or indeed afternoon/evening/night, depending on your time-zone/planet, of course).

Cheerio for now
(as Brits would say)

Hey Bond ... James Bond :)

Hey Bond ... James Bond :)

Interesting website you've there, I must say. It's hard imagining gorgeous looking women (or indeed Lady, if you may prefer) like yourself having an amazing calibre to design such a wonderful website, since I've often witness women around me, being equally attractive, busy in seducing the member of opposite sex (or indeed, the SAME sex, depending on their sexual preference, course) :)