My name is Jenny - my alter ego is July Lee. She's more fun than me. :-)

I am a student at a community college in Ohio.
I am a software development major - but not sure that it is the right track. I like it, but it doesn't come easy to me like some of the kids in my class. (Oh, I am 33 - not a kid anymore...because it's a community college there are people in my classes age 17 to mid 50's, so I am not the oldest, but I definitely don't feel young.)
I took C++ last quarter, and Java this quarter(we use Eclipse Helios IDE-I've been told NetBeans might be easier for me - any opinions on that?). I think I liked C++ better. For some reason transferring the concepts to Java speak isn't working in my brain.

I have been lurking on this site for 3 quarters now, and finally joined because - well I needed help. Hate to say that - you all seem very nice, and I don't want you to think I am only here for that. Definitely don't want people to think I want them to do my homework, just need to hear it in other terms - that is what I have loved about your site - more layman's terms than straight tech speak.

Anyway, Hi! Hope this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. LOL.

Welcome to daniweb, although i see that you have joined this website in August. You can visit the C++ forum for a start.