A private person has hacked at least one satellite, and sends out illegal signals (beams) over a large part of the world. The signals make people behave physical different than normal. The illegal satellite signals may have started around 6. of June 2005.

About the hacker
He could be from Portugal or Spain

The hacker was observed on a police station in Madrid in Spain in June 2005. It was probably the police district which is called San Blas, and the name of the police chef is Benito. The hacker talked with at least one policeman there. It is possible that the hacker discussed the satellite hacking with the police. It is in fact possible that the hacker admitted the satellite hacking. Anyway, the police has not arrested him yet.

The hacker could very well be from Portugal or Spain. Identification of the hacker and his friend:
1: The hacker: Slim, with carismatic eyes, kind of natural "silver hair", the hair is a little bit long, he uses dungaree trousers, he is maybe around 180 cm tall. He has a kind of portuguese or spanish look.
2. His friend: Blond, normal looking, maybe around 175 cm tall, not slim, not fat. Probably he was at the airport in Berlin in Germany in June 2005.
Both of these two were at the police station of Policia de Madrid San Blas in Madrid in Spain in June 2005.

The hacker is very intelligent. He is very interested in principles. It is quite possible that he has told friends about the idea of hacking a satellite to read the thoughts of president Bush.

There are at least three visible effects of the illegal signals:

1. People use their hands more to touch their faces, cheeks, chins, mouths and their heads in general. Here are some examples of hand movements which have increased in frequency:

The person on the left on the photo and the person on the right on the photo make these kind of hand movements which have increased because of illegal satellite signals:





The judge in the trial against Saddam Hussein:

These kinds of hand movements are not necessarily unnatural, but they appear more often now, because of the illegal satellite signals. It seems to be that people who relax physically, for example Saddam Hussein and the other accused in the Baghdad trial, react more visibly on the satellite signals which lead to more hand movements to the face. Also for example politicians which sit in parliaments and listen to speeches, seem to react more visibly on the signals which increase the frequency of these mentioned hand movements.

2. Another effect from these satellite signals is that people blink more with their eyes than before. It is especial easy to observe this on news reporters and news presenters on television, for example on tv channels like Bloomberg and Sky News. People who are concentrated, for example news presenters, react quite visibly on those satellite signals which increase more blinking with their eyes.

3. People move more staccato then normal. Peoples movements are not so soft as normal. This is also a result of illegal satellite signals.

One satellite is enough to cover a large part of the planet with satellite signals (beams). The person who has hacked one or more satellites, can send much more dangerous signals than he does now. By using satellites, he can probably kill a large part of the population on the earth in a few seconds. To have satellites in space is extremely risky and dangerous.

The person which has hacked one or more satellites, probably uses private equipment to reach the satellites directly. Then the companies, which are technical responsible for the satellites, do not observe the hacking.

Normal satellite signals are so large that they do not get into the brains of human beings. But the hacker sends very fine small signals which enter inside peoples brains. These signals then hit nerve systems or functions systems in peoples brains. Then the hacker can make human beings behave different than normal. The illegal satellite signals are so fine (high-resolution) that they enter through the brain cranium and metal.

If you observe the increase in the mentioned hand movements, the increase of the eye-blinking or the unnatural staccato movements , you can report it to:


The Swedish government

The Norwegian government

The Spanish government

It was probably the satellite hacker who made president George W. Bush write this note the 14. of September 2005:



Note that it happened after 6. of June 2005 when the illegal satellite beams may have started.

The note President Bush wrote about visiting the bathroom, was written the 14. of September 2005, a few days after 11. september. He wrote it in United Nations during a Security Council meeting in New York. In the same organisation where Colin Powell argued for going to war against Iraq. Probably the satellite hacker chose this event as an anniversary memorial of 11. september 2001.


For a few more photos and more information you can look here:



Seriously, do you really believe that crap?

People believe the weirdest thing. The more unrealistic a scenario is it seems the easier it is for the uninitiated to believe it.

I make perfect use of that by spreading rumours like this to hide my real operations towards taking over the world.

And before you say you've never heard of those operations, that's how well they're hidden ;)



I dont understand why you react so sceptical as you do. It is very well possible to hack satellites. And it is possible to send beams/signals which penetrate peoples brains. Today on hospital doctors do brain scanning.

The satellite hacker has found a way to send satellite beams which penetrate brain craniums on people. The possibility of a hacker doing this is quite logical.

I am hacking your computer right now, and I'm sending deadly sound waves through your speakers that will cause a severe case of diarehea and other side effects. Please note, if you experience an errection for more than 6 hours, please see a doctor. I don't want anyone dying from this.

I have noticed myself using hand jestures at the TV when my Sky Satellite loses reception, could this be related?

And when you're watching sports too? When my team is losing I always get mad and throw my hands in the air, but I never knew it was because some Doctor evil wannabe causing the 'weird' behavior.

Seriously, now. The amount of power that you'd need to "penetrate the cranium" would be enough to screw up everyone in a region. What would someone have to gain by doing this, anyways?

Added to the fact that you would have to decode brain patterns, and thats just not easy, even for you lot and your C# skills.