Ok so i have the option to buy a game off of steam and both bioshock and half life 2 look great. I am torn between the two and i can't decide. So which one would you guys say is the better game?

Half Life 2 gets my vote, for multiplayer HL2 and Counter Strike: Source Beta.

The beauty of HalfLife gets my vote. I can replay it and it gets my heart pumping. I have not played BioShock but it seems dark. Currently I am playing E.Y.E. that I d.l.ed from steam; it is a pretty good shooter but it is DARK, I mean they had to do an update as it was so dark you could not see any detail - now it is just dark. I love it but I miss the beauty of 1/2 Life.

Played before bioshock but not Half life 2. Bioshock starts to get boring when you complete the game and the whole game is very short. The storyline is sucky. From the rest of the posters above, they recommend half life. So half life, it is. Have fun with your game maybe you can tell me how half life feels before i buy that game;)

thanks for the quick replies guys. I got half life 2 and its expansions in the orange box and so far i am loving it :)

I did not found Half Life 2 so much fun to play as original Half Life and its extensions. Actually it is one of the first games to give me headache if I play it (not as level of difficulty, but graphics are bad on my eyesight). I would have gone for Bioshock as it was slightly different genfer, have one few awards previously.
Nevertheless, Batllefield 3 demo should be released soon for these who pre-ordered in timely manner :twisted:

battlefield 3 looks good. I got invited to try the beta but i didnt do it :)

Half life 2 is my favourite game and I strongly recommend it.