Name: Patrice
Nickname: Clousot (you know Inspector Clousot ?)
Height: 1m67
Weight: 63kg (62 after typing this introduction)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown/Green (but both ;) ...)
Location: Paris (Not the one in Texas)
Age: 42 (and all my teeth until my boss see me typing this mail instead of working)
Hobbies: Playing/Listening to music and writting on music especially Harmonica, Photographie, laughing (and trying to get people crying when playing blues), sleeping, sharing as much as I can if that can help

Relationship Status: single (unless this forum get me married ;) ...)

Fav Music: all style ! For me the more I listen the more I can play myself

Education: Computer Science

Work: Developper integrator on aeronautic stuffs (still in the sky...love that)
Favorite Food: French of course :P but I love asiatic one, Italian one, a bit specialities from everywhere...

Favorite Movies: The ones whithout blood...

Favorite TV Shows: I am not sure the French programs would interrest people from the other part of the world ;)

Favorite Video Games: No time ! I keep my time for acoustic music...

Stuff you Dislike: People who flick their cigarettes out of their car window, rap and their singers if there is violence inside, People not honnest and never nice to the other


One of my two Blogs for music and mainly harmonica : [snipped]

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Welcome. You seem nice! I'm not the one to be married now though :).
/ \

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