Now I don't think I am that good looking. Sorry for the enormous avitar. Did not really notice it before. Were can I find a place to store a small picture? Anyone have suggestions?

Also on an unrelated topic, I am in the process starting a company that makes clear and translucent neon computer case. Just for the porpose of market reseach, would any of you buy such a case?

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Just store the picture on some free host. Something like: http://www.bizhosting.com/learnmore/basic.html. Upload the picture and take the URL to it and slap it on your profile as an avatar.

Nah, I wouldn't buy a case. I have four computer towers and I rarely look at them anyways nor would I want to. I always put it under my desk because it takes too much space to put over it. I just use them. To me it's like a book. I read it, find the contents pleasurable, and that's it. Why would I want to look at the cover? If I wanted to look at something pleasurable, I'd do something else or look at something else I'll tell you that.

Just my thoughts. Hey, we all like to be artistic in different ways. I like art myself - http://inscissor.deviantart.com

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