Name: Robert
Nickname: webmaster
Location: CA
Age: 46
Hobbies: Creating music and listening to music: A-Z from 'A Dream Too Late' to 'ZZ Top' and many things in between. Drawing and photoshopping, movies, comedy, UFC, camping, darts, coins and cats.

Education: AA Business Marketing

Work: Web Developer

Favorite Food: Am a former chef, so usually anything I cook is pretty darn o.k.

Favorite Movie: What Dreams May Come

Favorite TV Show: CSI, NCSI, Falling Skies

Favorite Video Games: Call of Duty 4 (Freeze MOD), Quake 3 (Freeze MOD) and Quake 4 TDM

Stuff you Dislike: People in cars who flick their cigarettes out the window and into my lap while I'm riding my motorcycle, drunk people, people who want to hurt me, governments that lie, hurt and curtail their peoples freedom and way of life.

Welcome Robert. Hope you enjoy your stay here.

Been a big help so far, hopefully at some point I can help someone.

Sometimes it's not the knowledge, but the timing... it seems when time is of the essence because your on a deadline or have other fish to fry -so-to-speak- you have a problem and you turn to the internet for answers...(I usually exhaust other avenues of knowledge first, like books and friends)... You ask a question... you're refreshing the page every 20 minutes in hope someone has read, understood and given useful comments back... maybe we've all been there at one time or another... so the speed of quality answers is something I appreciate greatly. As someone who has migrated here from the Experts Exchange as a long time user. I now rarely go there.

Thanks for the welcome!


I used to create music for some years ago. I admire this hobby!
Glad to see you on this site, mate)