What is it that inspires you to continue programming every day or every week. Is it work or results or something else you would like to share. So please share as I'm sure this will be interesting.

Because of the pay check and all other benefits. :cool:

Else who hell will spend 10-12 hrs a day in front of a dumb machine. :-/

I always enjoyed programming, especially the satisfaction of the many achievements working out problems. I only do things I like doing and leave the other tasks up to someone else because not only do I not like doing them but I'm woefully inept at the jobs. I didn't realize that I could be any good at programming until I was about 40 years old and discovered that programming wasn't all that difficult to do. And yes, here in USA, I niched out a very good living standards and old-age retirement benefits. I don't program professionally any more but I do still enjoy helping others when I can here at DaniWeb and PFO.

At one point many years ago, I did it for a paycheck. Since then, I've done because I enjoy creating a program and seeing it work and hopefully do something useful. I still make a few dollars off some of the stuff that I do but a lot of it is just for the enjoyment of doing something new that I haven't tried before.


Well, most times for me its just the challenge. As far as I've started something, i must see it work so when i encounter challenges or errors, i keep trying and looking for solutions to get it done. I don't really make cash from programming except on some few cases. Like i remember writing programs for two of my colleagues in the course of my final year in school and remember billing them $200 each (that's about 25,000 in my local currency). :)

For projects on my own time, it is either the payoff or the awesomeness of the idea.

To see what I can create. Before I am done with an application, I am already thinking of something else to make just to learn more and to test my current skill set.

Mainly for the challenge, to see whether i can solve an exsiting problem in a better way or more efficient way.
Another reason is that ever since I moved to open source software, i've been interested in looking at the code, fixing or improving it or just to see how the code looks. :-D

I do it for the chicks.

Oh, wait...that's playing guitar (oops)...

I do it for that feeling you get after struggling for hours trying to figure out what's wrong only to find out you forgot to add using namespace std;

My original goal was learning and discovering new things about computers, and to know how they work inside. Nowadays, I program just for fun, but I still learn a lot of new things.

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The fun in creation and for the challenges :)

i find it quite enjoyable to be like a god, controling a universe the way i like, because that is what programming is (for me at least), i make my own world

Well I am a newbie as an programmer and an SEO too..programming is really challenging and very logic..and i think that is the reason why i am inspired..

I dud it to learn how to make an rpg, but i quickly learned that there is so much more to it than that.

I dud it to learn how to make an rpg, but i quickly learned that there is so much more to it than that.

That's how I learn't c++ originally. Or at least the second time round the first time round I tried learning strings without any luck due to forgetting to use using namespace std; where some tutorials had that and other tutorials didn't. So that's why I gave up the first time since how I never learn't that bit. But the second time I learn't the irrlicht engine which was well documented and here I am today with a decent knowledge of c++ but not the best due to lack of c++ documentation.

if you still have trouble with strings, and I did to (I scoured chat boards and tutorials for days), use the header file <string> and then use the var type string. If your text editor or ide is color coded don't worry; it isn't very well known or popular but it works

The challenge, the problem solving, designing and building things!

I do it for a job, but I hate the fact I can't decide what projects to do, i'd swap a wage for cool projects any day ... problem is, I have no ideas and I need to eat!

The challenge, the problem solving, designing and building things!

That's exactly why I do it!