Name: Jim Taylor
Age: 76
Occupation: Retired for 14 years
Married, wife, two children, 8 grandchildren, assorted ages and sizes.

Early in my working career ('50s and '60s) I programmed IBM 1400 series and 360 series machines. I wrote Autocoder, Basic Assembler, PL1, Fortran, COBOL, etc. When I retired, I bought a laptop and a book on how to write C++ in 21 days. It took me a while (I am slow) to figure out that, unlike the old batch programs, C++ is event-driven.

I am a rank amateur at it, and I'll probably ask some incredibly stupid questions. Please bear with me.

I use C++ in my two hobbies; lepidopterology and golf. I am an old-time studier of moths, and I wrote and maintain a data base on my collection for posting new ones, writing labels, extracting statistics, etc. Those interested might visit http://www.daltonstate.edu/galeps/ to see what that entails.

In golf, I maintain a data base for the 60-odd (and I do mean odd) golfing buddies I play with several times a week. The system keeps our "progs" current, balances the teams, etc.

Again, my C++ knowledge is extremely limited, and I intend to get far more out of you than you get from me.


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Hey there Jim! Welcome to DaniWeb. Good luck with your c++. Hopefully we'll be helpful to you.

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