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I started programming when I was 17, first language was C and didn't find programming as much intersting, I was more interested in Graphic desiging so I spend most of time in learing Flash, besides that I kept learing C++. In university I actually started programming in 6th semester after a great scolding by lecturer. At that time, VS 2003 and C# 2.0 was in boom, I like thse language because of this was user interface supported. After university, I tried to start my career in graphic designing but I did it for just 10 days and moved back to Asp.Net web development and from day that to now, I am guy. I started loving it ;) because it also helps me to keep my grpahics hoppy side by side.

Quick question:

Do you believe that DEVELOPERS and DESIGNERS (Graphic) are different? In a sense that, I can develop but can't design for anything, I suck haa!

I beleive that because I do it, though I don't rate myself master in both fields. Development is my profession and desiging is my hobby. When I got computer and graphics softwares, it helps me to polish my skills. But thanks to web development, it really helps me to continue both, so usually first I design the UI for site, slice and take it to visual studio and develop it, its fun to do all by myself.

Quick question:

Do you believe that DEVELOPERS and DESIGNERS (Graphic) are different? In a sense that, I can develop but can't design for anything, I suck haa!

not all developers are graphic designers. just imagine all those who write back-end modules.

I followed the development of computer languages just about every ten years. As a scientist in the seventies I used FORTRAN. In the eighties I switched to C. The nineties had the Delphi RAD (pascal) and ten years later I happily fooled around with Python.

I didn't program, but started teaching my son programming in 2010. So far I have learnt too!

I basically started programming when our lead programmer in our group left and decided to take part himself in another group which leaves me to be the new lead programmer where in that time i have zero knowledge about programming. All i know about that time was documentations concerning our college project. VB6 was my first.

Started programming at about year 2006 when I tried to work in flash AS 2 and a little bit of Java cause they're popular

My first program was in the mid-1970's. High school had a Wang computer. Cassette tape for storage!

I was not allowed to take the only programming class offered because my math was not strong enough, but I would go into the computer lab and play. I learned to write some very simple programs in Basic.

Later I bought a Commodore 64 and got a little more proficient, but I never studied programming.

Working in manufacturing, I got into quality assurance. Pretty soon I found the need to gather data on the floor, so I learned to work with Access. But people would enter data incorrectly or delete previous records, so I needed to validate the data - time to learn VBA. From VBA I learned a little VB6. I have also done some database development on the side, making a little cash.

More recently, I have Coordinate Measuring Machines that output data into text files - not very useful for analysis, sooo... to move strings of data into Access Databases for safe storage and review. And just for fun I am trying to do some C# programs.

I wish I had not listened to the teachers all those years ago - my poor arithmetic skills have had very little impact on my ability to program. And, I find programming a lot more fun than manufacturing quality.

10-12 QBasic, looked around at other languages. Started C\C++ around 13-14, got decent by 16, started writing things like assemblers, mutators, byte code catalyst, disassemblers, etc. at 17, but kind-of stopped doing any real coding around then. So I haven't done any serious programming in a couple years(other than novelty code and a Java game), did start revising and documenting projects around Winter semester, but I had other none programming related projects to deal with.

Always feels never to me?!?

I started out as a lover of computer hardware and how it all worked since my first computer (age 13). I quickly changed to software (age 20) as there was no future on hardware anymore as a profession. My first language were the scripting languages php and perl. I then went on to c++, java, c, ruby and many other small languages in between.

I work as a software developer now, I focus mainly on web applications with php, mysql, and jquery being my languages/db used. I find it fun and interesting, the things we can create are unlimited... we are inventors! :)

I was introduced to programming four years ago in grade nine BTT10 Tech class. For about 95% of the year we just worked with the microsoft office suite, but for about a week or two we made small games using gamemaker. I was already a gamer and went overboard with my game, introducing code where everybody else was just using the drag and drop features. I found that I loved programming and ended up using a gamemaker wiki which has since been taken down to learn about the inner workings of gamemaker. When I found myself restricted by gamemaker's strict event driven programming and extremely slow load time (every game you make can take upwards of a minute to initialize) I decided to research what language would be fastest and best for game making. I had heard about c++ and looked into it. I followed all of the tutorials on, then all the tutorials on Lazyfoo, then all of the tutorials on a windows console tutorial which too has been taken down, and now I am working my way through NeHe.

I started at the end of 2009 when I began studying computer science at University. The first language I learnt was C. Since then I have learnt Java, C#, Haskell, SQL, JSP, PHP, Javascript, HTML and CSS (even though they are not proper languages) and ITL (if anyone has heard of that) with PHP and Java being my main languages. I want to be proficient in all languages ideally.

This thread made me little sad because I remember that in ’87 I was hiding that I am programming (even a game then) in order not to be thought as a geek. There were races back then, geeks , rockers , athletes, and I am a rocker still and I were (hehehe) an athlete so … programming was something I didn’t told a lot. The real question for me that I might ask here is “When and how did you discover that you are a programmer?”

Shortly after getting my hands on my first computer when I was 13 (in 1998 or so) I wondered how applications were made, so I started making simple GUI apps with RapidQ (a free open-source VB-like programming language and GUI tool). A couple of months later I switched to Delphi and started going through NeHe tutorials on OpenGL 3D graphics programming. I spent quite a few years writing computer games, 3D modeling tools, physics engines and computational geometry code, among other dabblings in encryption, compression and AI. Meanwhile in my boring and way-too-easy high-school math courses, I spent my time programming RPG games on my TI-83 graphic calculator (in some ASM-like language). As I left high-school, I also left Delphi for the promise land of C++, and boy am I happy that I did. Working my way through a mech. eng. degree, I programmed on the side doing computer games and multi-body dynamics simulators. Through engineering work, I've also worked with C, Fortran, Matlab / Simulink, LabVIEW, Java, and others. Now, doing a PhD, I've almost exclusively been programming in C++ for several years (and Matlab/Simulink from time to time), mostly for multi-body dynamics, robot control software and artificial intelligence.

I was started programming when I was 17 years old.
Usually in my first of Scient IT. I was new to it & started with HTML.

I was still new to it but quickly loved language much.
Then I learned C++, CG in my college, only basic knowledge.
But learning programming languages is better than learning mothertongue & other languages.
I never scored much in mothertongue & English, Hindi, etc.
But always scored better when it comes to programming languages.
I never know how people found it difficult & I was scoring good enough.

when i was 13 we used html.. it was a part of our school's curriculum, and i hate math, but oh well i can't live a day without using the computer \m/ so i ended up taking programming courses with loads of math and FUN!

I started playing around at 11 with html, I started going deep a 2 years ago, I am close to 15 now, I know html, C++. I am learning Autoit and Perl, I have played a bit with Java and Assembly.

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