While expressing frustration in the middle of a google search I found a bug in chrome while performing a google search. I smashed both of my palms on my keyboard at the same time while the cursor was in the search box and it froze the chrome tab and the keyboard wouldn't work for that tab. However as soon as I closed that tab and open another tab with a new google page the keyboard worked again. I guess google doesn't want you typing 720 words per minute as it causes it to freeze :(. Maybe chrome is limited to you typing 255 words per minute and sends that data to google. Have any of you's come across any bugs using this method? Any bugs at all in any of your programming which suddenly got solved by some type of frustration?

Sounds like you may have overloaded a keyboard buffer.

I've had such frustrating experience though with firefox. Was on a slow network, so i decided to keep opening tabs and entering addresses rather than looking and waiting so long for a blank page to display web contents. After opening about three tabs, my firefox froze. When i cked any of the new tabs, it became a new window of its own. Dont know if it was built to run on high speed internet alone....i've never had to hit my system hard though because am with no bucks for a new one

Sounds like you may have overloaded a keyboard buffer.

That or Google sends how many words per minute you type in google crome to their servers as a single 8bit character and I managed to exceed the 8bit limitation.

What is your OS's buffer set to and have you tried this with other browsers or even a word processor?

Took a look and my buffer size is only the normal 0x00000064 (100):(. I thought it would be like 16bit at least:( stupid Microsoft.

Well i believe that frustration make any human old before time try to avoid it.

Many applications crash if you throw too much input at them fast enough.
Lol Windows (I had that happen on firefox one time, and other apps).

I usually smash my keyboard when I play games, mainly when I'm losing:D