Hey all,

I am A+, NET+, SEC+ certified but want to get into programming. Because of this, I go to the U of MD for comp sci. I also work full time as a hardware/software tech. My current job requires me to work after-hours (8pm-8am) so I end up lurking around the internet a lot.

I stumbled across this site and loved the atmosphere of the little/no flaming of people. Since i've taken advice/knowledge from a few members on here, I figured I may as well give back to the community. Hopefully I can be as much help to some of you as some of you were to me.

In my free time i like to "party it up" and I moonlight as a amateur car mechanic. Fixing things with my hands has always been a hobby.



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As long as you don't party while fixing cars you should be OK Welcome to DaniWeb!

You can't replace struts or replace your head gasket without a cold six pack... They go hand in hand, haha.

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