Name: Fiona
Nickname: Fee, Fee-mac, Feemcbee, iFona (my newest nickname thanks to Apple)
Location: Hunter Valley in Australia

Education: Diploma in Graphic Design, Diploma in Copy Writing for the Web

Work: Full time website designer/developer, freelance Joomla site builder and graphic designer

When I was working as a print-based graphic designer who occasionally designed the front-end of websites there was a guy named James who was the website developer. I was always amazed by what he could do. He always spoke about asp and mysql as though it was all the one word. Many years passed and I moved away from the big smoke to the beautiful wine country of Australia and landed myself a job as a "website development officer".

In the past three years I have slowly and painfully been teaching myself about dynamic website development and working with databases. After a lot of research I decided to jump on the PHP bandwagon, even though my long time Windows based friend James would not be able to mentor me to the fullest (I still pester him a lot about MySQl though). I chose to learn PHP because I had discovered the likes of Joomla and Wordpress, additionally I realised that there is a vast online community out there who are always happy to share their experiences and code in order to save other people similar dramas.

So, Hi! And I hope I can be of assistance to any of you out there and I will promise to always refer to my cardboard cut-out dog before I go crawling to this forum.