Hey everyone,

I just wanted to briefly introduce myself, as I am new to Daniweb.

My name is Malcolm Lowry, and I am a recent college grad who moved to NYC for an internship with The Henson Group. The internship went great; I was brought in, from Arizona in fact, to re-design the website. After the first month things were going so well they offered me a full-time position as a Marketing Associate.

So now here I am, in NYC, transplanted from what could be considered another planet by New York standards.

As for why I'm here at Daniweb? Well, as I said, my position is a marketing one, and I am also somewhat new to working directly in the IT sector. I have quite a bit of web-design experience and am quite handy with photoshop, but regarding Microsoft's B2B products(the vertical our company lives in) I am green. So I figure what better way, and place to improve my knowledge of the industry, than a related forum such as this one!

Okay, so I said it would be brief, I had better at least try and keep it that way!

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