hi fellas, just wanted to say hi to everyone.im from the uk.just about to do a msce course in pc engineering,main job is an actor.joined up because ive been playing games online for some years.got real good at some games till those who ran servers decided it was time to start hacking me.on one particular game i played its got to the point where people are hacking my pcs to try to cause malicious damage and harass me in the process.so i decided to join here to get some buddies of my own to protect myself from mindless fools like them "hooah!"got no idea where to post about guys trying to hacki into my pc.so if you guys read this and can redirect me to the right place to post id really appreciate it.i have a feeling someone in the game company is in one of the squads i used to be a foe against.netstat -a shows their server ip monitoring my connections even when game is not running.i also used to run a dmz server as i got hacked to bits on other servers but this has just made the hacking worse as my pc wasnt protected by my belkin router.i hope being a member here i can ateast arm myself with the right information to stop these attacks,track them and report to authorities wherever possible.in the mean time my best wishes to all of you guys.i hope i can learn alot form you all and make a few good friends too,would be nice.anyways,peace to ya all.get back to me.thanks fellas.LATERS.OW -P.S. hehe. can you guys list best anti virus,detectors etc to get for free.i got avg free edition,adawares se,spybot search and destroy and zone alarm pro.many many thanks. :)

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hi dani, just wanted to say a big thanks for your speedy response.really appreciate it.hopefully be able to learn how to protect ,myself a bit better here.thanks again.mike.

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