Hey, my name is Kevin from Pennsylvania in the USA. My favorite food is thus fast food...
Anyway I go to Penn State University and am in my first year of studying computer science c++ programming. I'm having troubles because my professor is most likely the worst in the school as confirmed by many people who have had her in the past lol. I only have one project left and then the final tomorrow. The project is here http://www.daniweb.com/software-development/cpp/threads/400370

and any help is amazing because I am trying to study for the finals I have tomorrow including calc 141, cmpsci and philosophy. Anyway, I'm really nice and never get frustrated and haven't found anything in the world that bothers me enough to get me in a bad mood so go ahead and yell at me if you need to haha. I hope to help with code some day soon but for now you might call the leech because I have limited knowledge.

For now all i need is help on this one project and then I can get to studying and get myself closer to being able to help others / pass my final =P.

Good Day,