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I was recently accepted into the Gmail for Domains Beta Program. It seems to be pretty similar to the Gmail with @gmail.com.

If you haven't applied to the beta yet, keep in mind that I applied about a month ago and only got accepted today. I've only been given 20 addresses.

Here's an article about the Gmail for Domains program on my Blog, complete with plenty of screenshots (hardlink).

The fact that Google has already added the functionality to differentiate between “account plan makes me suspect that they are at least contemplating the idea of charging organizations who need a certain number of accounts.

Have any of you had any experience with this new beta as well? What do you think?

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Sounds like a good idea, I assume the selling point is that it saves you buying MS Exchange for your company, correct?

Do you know if supports Outlook / Thunderbird use?


hmm, who should want to give Google access to their entire corporate email system?
The security implications (giving all your corporate communications to an outside party who reserves the right to do whatever they want with it including selling it to the highest bidder) outweigh even the massive privacy problems with gmail and Google in general.


There are some very useful applications. Although it may be a poor idea for a company, it is a great idea for a small organization. I'm talking about like an after school club, or a fraternity or something. Or if everyone at Daniweb or some other forum had an email address setup up for them when they became members. It would sure as heck increase the activity for a forum. When you get into forums as large as Dani web there may be issues, but it is ideal for smaller ones.

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