Hello all,

Glad to be here. I am a lowly tier II help desk tech and joined for advice :)

I've worked in IT for a few years in tech support, sysadmin and the like. I've moved from job to job (contracts) and I'm becoming disillusioned with the instability. The way I see it, if I'm going to have that instability, I want it in my own hands, so . . . I want to go into business for myself. My SO is a web developer and ideally I'd like to work with him, but as you can tell from my SN that I am ADHD and . . . I just don't know. I'd like to finish my degree first (I have my gen ed classes out of the way). I have a GI Bill that would cover this cost.

Anyone else here ADHD in IT? Which areas of IT do you avoid? What do you think is the best degree program for those of us who can't sit still? Obviously software/web engineer isn't going to happen but what else would allow the freedom that I want? I'd like to be able to work from home, or from the road, or wherever my silly head takes me.

Any and all advice is most greatly appreciated.

Welcome to Daniweb, enjoy your time with us. :)

ADHD in IT? No, but definitely ADD.
What do I avoid? Anything involving backing up and making system-generic images for.
Not that I get out of it, mind you.

Java "greenhorn"! IT student, and not very good, and lost and confused most of the time.

Another one with ADD here.

Still a CS Uni student.
What I avoid: repetitive tasks.
What I want to do: challenges, things that occupy my mind.
So my job of choice would be with algorithmics and software engineering rather then coding itself.

Hi there i am a newbie here..Hope we can chat to each other and share different kinds of thoughts thank you :)