I've been burrowing through a stack of old magazines, and I had a copy of Yahoo! magazine, now defunct, which I'd picked up because the cover story was "100 Best Websites."

Okay, I know few people seem to read these days - they just go online and ask people for suggestions. But if anyone here does read, are there any magazines that you'd go to for this kind of article? What I liked was that it was all-encompassing. I mean, not a food magazine recommending food sites. It covered things like:
Best Cancer Resource
Best Women's Community
Best Alternative Press
Best Alternative Medical Information
Best Business News
Best Bargain Hunter
Best Consumer Product Reviews
Best Personal Finance
Best Tax Advice
Best Travel Community
Best Travel Deals
Best Literary Resource
Best Movie Reviews
Best Music
Best Free Games
Best Consumer Computer News
Best Tech Support

So, as you can see, quite a range.

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[QUOTE]Where do you go for "best" websites?[/QUOTE]

I write them :)

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There is no "best". Any such lists are either subjective and/or based on who paid the person creating the list the most money to be on it.

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Where do you go for "best" websites?

I write them :)

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I was going to be sarcastic and tell you to use google to look for 'best "best lists"'.

Then I actually did that...and it turns out there are HUNDREDS of them.

So should I google for "best 'best "best lists"' lists"?

I think I just punked myself. My head is starting to hurt...

There is no "best". Any such lists are either subjective and/or based on who paid the person creating the list the most money to be on it.

I used to write for those 'web guide' magazines a decade or more ago. There even used to be some very successful 'yellow pages' style directories of websites published in book format that people happily paid rather a lot of money for.

That was then, now there is no need surely? Best is subjective, choice is plentiful, so just Go Google and compile your own lists.

to find the best sites, best place to start looking is that new thing ... the internet.
the trouble with those in bookform, is that it's a real pain trying to find a link that's not dead :P

as for contents, that depends on what you're interested in. if you're a major car freak, I assume you won't be as interested in a webpage entitled 'best Indian recepies' as someone who's hobby is cooking.

Old ok, sorry to bring this up but check dmoz.org you won't find "best" categories but you can find human-edited directories. I was a volunteer years ago, they usually accept to publish only what can bring a value to the directory, so this may be a place to start.