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Ok, I know I'm in a minority here, but anyway...


Six Nations Championship kicked off this afternoon, with the following results:

France 30 - 12 Italy
Scotland 6 - 13 England
Ireland TOMORROW Wales

Judging by the performances so far, I reckon it will be a close thing between France, Ireland or Wales. Italy were brave, but could not withstand the onslaughts of France and ended up getting thoroughly stuffed. Scotland were good in parts and by rights should have won, but they choked/fumbled at every decent scoring opportunity. England were poor (just check all the stats!) but will be ecstatic over the win.

I reckon tomorrow's victors will give France a good game for the Championship. I can't see a Grand Slam this year though - many teams at a similar level, with anybody of causing an upset too. But if I have to pick a winner (unbiased view), I'd have to go with France. BUT...

Dewch 'mlaen Cymru!

My 2p. Anybody else?

Who the hell would pay attention to a Rugby Tournament the day before the Super Bowl? Ask me Monday.

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Is 10-pin bowling that big a deal?

I have sent a memo to the PM asking for the Scottish team to be let loose in the wild then hunted by men on horses with a lot of dogs. He has yet to reply.:(

England stand no chance after that dire performance against an even more dire Scottish side yesterday.

Italy were their normal hard working and enthusiastic but ultimately pretty crap side, while France plodded on to the inevitable result.

I voted Wales, despite being English, as on their World Cup performance they looked like a side that could beat anyone else if they didn't have the assistance of a completely shite ref and, assuming Wales have not lost that edge, will be very hard to beat in the 6N.

As for the Super Bowl, who wants to watch a bunch of girls in padded shirts flouncing around for a few hours. Seriously, what an overrated and boring game that is. I'd rather watch paint dry... ;) (runs and hides)

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As for the Super Bowl, who wants to watch a bunch of girls in padded shirts flouncing around for a few hours. Seriously, what an overrated and boring game that is. I'd rather watch paint dry... ;) (runs and hides)

I thought that, but was to chicken to say it. :)

It's futile to explain the awesomeness of this sport to you guys, so I'll just say this. At work on Monday, you'll have lots of people coming up to you at the Water Cooler talking not about who won the game, but about who had the best commercials. Surely it's worth watching just so you can discuss the hotness of the Doritos girl or the Bud Bowl or Tim Tebow's opinion on abortion or whatever they roll out this year.

If you're still not convinced, Madonna at the Halftime Show. That has to clinch it. I'll save you a seat at the bar.

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A couple of flaws with that argument:

1. Both ardav and myself are in the UK where nobody cares about the Super Bowl
2. I work for myself, and there's no water cooler in my office - just an espresso machine


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Ireland 21 - 23 Wales

Last minute penalty to ensure Irish eyes will not smile for some time to come. Thought Wales thoroughly deserved the win and should have won by a greater margin. BUT, you never put a shed-full on the Irish. George North was an immense figure, Rhys Priestland should leave the kicking to Llwchwr boy, Leigh Halfpenny.
Bradley Davies should have got a red card, will probably get cited and should get a ban. Horrible 'tackle'.

Wales for the championship? Maybe...

Super Bowl
I was going to make a comment... but I can't be bothered...

Good kick under a little bit of pressure, but a foul that makes the terrible sending off in the world cup look like a gentle hug.
The Mrs is happy so therfore i am happy.:)

The Super Bowl is an eighties soap (Dallas) but slightly faster and less interesting.

Bradley Davies should hang his head in shame, deserved a red - hope gets a ban for that. Not needed at all. Almost cost Wales the match as well....

Very deserved win though, Wales look unstoppable at the moment.

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I'd rather watch paint dry... ;) (runs and hides)

which color paint dried first? (I'm betting blue :) )

If you're still not convinced, Madonna at the Halftime Show. That has to clinch it. I'll save you a seat at the bar.

don't really know your taste in music, but Madonna really isn't an argument you can use to win me over. that seat at the bar, on the other hand ...
too bad I am on the other side of the planet :P

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Anyway... let's get back on track. Next Weekend:

Italy v England (Sat)
France v Ireland (Sat)
Wales v Scotland (Sun)

I think Italy will put up a good performance, but I don't think they'll be quite good enough to beat a slightly embarrassed England side. They'll be on a mission to prove the naysayers wrong, which should be enough to overcome a home advantage. However, I reckon it'll be a close run thing. Italy have scalped quite a few at home in recent years, including France.

France v Ireland will probably be the game of the weekend. Again Ireland will be furious with the last minute defeat and will have a big point to prove. France - difficult to judge their standing - were they that good or did Italy just fold? IMO, they were that good, but didn't break too much of a sweat. I think France will have too much class in the back division.

Wales, on paper, should romp home to a win, but a severe shortage of second rows, owing to injury and a foreseeable richly-deserved ban for Bradley Davies, will have a huge bearing on the set piece. Scotland have performed poorly for a few years, but they often put together one good game in the season.

This time I can have a drink on Sunday as it's the half term hols! Look out Cardiff, I'm back!

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Hohoho, what a wingnut! I have no desire to tell my pupils which *** toys I like best. Still it'll be nice to have half a shandy on the weekend :)

I actually think that Italy could give England a very good run for their money, and may even win this one going on that abysmal display last weekend.

Wales should decimate the Scots, even without Davies(good decision to kick him out of the 6N I thought, they needed to be tough to stop others doing likewise).

Ireland and France will be the game of the weekend, as the Oirish are buggers after they've lost at home, especially when they feel an injustice has happened - the lack of a red for Davies and the yellow for Ferris.

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Agreed. Irish exasperation I can understand, outrage seems a bit strong though - they deserved to come second - they didn't play very positively for massive chunks of the game. Anyway, I don't wish to upset my fellow Celts, so I'll leave it there. C'mon Ireland, Paris or Bust!

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Always a sign of team past its prime when 'blame the ref' is used to excuse a piss-poor performance. As you say, the Oirish were pretty pants for much of the game. Defensively I reckon my 80 year old mum could have driven a zimmer frame through them with ease.

(and I have Irish Romany blood swimming strongly through my English veins, so it pains me to say as much)

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I think you hit the nail on the head there HG. They are aging, but they also have a shedload of experience. They seem horrible to play against, but there again, they always have been. If it wasn't for Brian O'Driscoll over the last 10 years, I doubt whether Ireland would have been able to play with any positive drive. I think you have to go to the era of Mike Gibson before you can make a similar comparison. Again I don't wish to rubbish brilliant players of the past (Tony Ward was a childhood hero of mine - even at the time of the amazing Welsh outside-half factory), but they never seemed to be able to play a decent 15 man game. It was always spoil, spoil and spoil some more. Horrible, bruising forwards who bullied and bustled their way through the game.

I really hope that Ireland won't fall back into that sort of play. Kearney and Bowe are World Class and deserve opportunities to show their talents. I think the game will be won on wide play today - battle of the wings possibly. I can't see Ireland bullying their way up the middle, nor French centres cracking a pretty good defensive line. But there again, I've been wrong before, and not just once. :)

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Half Time
Italia 12 - 6 Inghilterra

Oh, HG! You're boys are playing like a bunch of saps - again. Italy are kicking all their possession away and England are just stood there. Perhaps they need some de-icer?

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Ho ho! England found their ballocks at last. Far better from them. Italy must be kicking themselves (now that they're not kicking into Hodgson's hands!). A 'nearly match' again for them.

How many 'Get Out Of Jail' cards have you got left HG?

They eithe play well in the first half then fall asleep in the second, or vice-versa. No challenge from the Johnson era then... :(

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I think you're right to be disappointed, but there again, they did look dangerous on a couple of occasions. Ben Morgan looked the part (he almost threw his hat in with Wales), but I'm glad he didn't. Gotta be troo to yerself.

Shame about the France v Ireland game. Those poor fans. I'd be bloody livid. These guys knew the match was on and that the weather was gonna be bad. How the hell 'in this day and age' can a pitch for an international match be unplayable? Was there a Gallic shrug once all the fans had got to their seats?

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What's the score gonna be? I'm not gonna be modest today, I reckon Wales will win 29 - 12. No tries for Scotland. Although, you've got a good chance now Dan Parks isn't playing (poor sod).


Forgot to say, the England front row were amazing in the scrums. Totally smashed the Italians. Haven't seen so may scrums go up like that recently. Castrogiovanni must have been happy to go off.

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Prediction alost right

Wales 27 - 13 Scotland. (me 29 - 12) did not expect the try.

Wales showed the sort of determination, flair and spark that I think will lift them the 6N this year - but only in the second half, and the Scots being a man down for 20 minutes may have helped a tad. Which is a little worrying. Wales, like every other side at the moment, need to play a consistent 80 minutes of committed rugby.

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Agreed - however, Scotland were very good - they certainly sorted out the ball retention problem - 20+ phases! Only determined defence kept them out. I don't think Wales played badly in the first half, just that Scotland really did step up to the mark. Roll on two weeks time:

Ireland - Italy (Sat)
England - Wales (Sat)
Scotland - France (Sun)

My predictions: Ireland (34-10), Wales (17-15), France (26-15)

The England-Wales game will a cracker! There was a time when the Welsh supporters would expect to win at Twickers. Those days are past now... But, to quote the Stereophonics, "As long as we beat the English, we don't care". :)

Played half a game(well). Still gutted. (the Mrs aint)