From what I see videos uploaded to video podcasters is the coming trend eliminating the middle man or woman in the distribution process.

This means that independent film producers and artists of all kinds can perform and distribute their productions in a heartbeat to the awaiting public.

Let's talk about this.


A great new media technique, I agree. However, I do not own an iPod, as I prefer other media devices like the iRiver products. The technology of the podcast should become a standard, in that case. You can even deliver instant reviews to the makers, where they can determine the quality behind their work.

It's just like the popularity of RSS on sites and email accessable via phones: The information is spread faster through updating. And, as you mentioned, film producers can now publish work without any hinderance between them and the customer. Everything is growing toward this "more & faster" ideal in general, it seems.

Unfortunately a tendency of mine is to use the "pod" designation for a message that I was trying to make more general. Pod is almost becoming generic. Videomaker magazine began using the term "vidcasting" several months ago. That is probably more inclusive as I think about it.

It is intriguing how Google is beta testing a site called which is giving all of us amatuer videographers a chance to upload video clips. You can find a lot of junk there but a few really well done offerings. Google is working on a payment mechanism where if someone believes a viewer will pay for their stuff, it can be downloaded. has a 12 page contract with a 50% promised split available for the same thing. I am going to have to get busy and find something someone wants to see.