Because he owns a Ford Pinto

Why did the chicken cross the road?

She was devout Christian.

Why duck swims?

Because it can't fly under water.

Why does the Tower of Pisa look straight to me?

Because you've had one too many.

If two wrongs don't make a right, but three rights make a left, how will adding ternary operators to my C code affect its readability?

Proportionally to your ability to get your variable names right?

If Python is like poem and C is like processor manual, how is your loved one?

Like a goat on a redneck's farm. (just kidding!)

How can rotten fish (surströmming) constitute a gourmet meal?

Because trees.

If Pinocchio said 'my nose will now grow' what will happen?

because he always get success.....:P
why is my hair so golden?

Because the ratio between your longest and shortest hair is exactly 1.61803399.

Why does the flora from a Mountain produce fluorescent green carbonated water droplets in the morning?

because it's not a cow.

why do people think?

Because they don't.

Why don't people think?

because you're not a human

why are you not a human?

Because i am too mean too selfish.\
why dont we live for each other?

because we're not for each other
why are you asking?

because i want an answer.

why do we have chandeliers?

because people want to waste time .
why do horses have 4 feet and 1 tail ?

Because they would look stupid with four tails and one foot.
How come that customer is right when he does not never know what he actually wants?

cause he's not left.
why are you right?

Because I am moderator in best forum.
What will be topic of most efficient code in the Code Snippet competition?

The proper multiplication of 6 times 9 and how it relates to 42.

If Ann leaves her house in Schaumburg at 7:05 AM and drives to the O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, and immediately takes the first flight to Denver, how many passengers on board will know Douglas Adams references?

None!!!!!!!!!! because the crowd will shunt out the devil at first instance!!!!!!!!!:)
who is more handsome than me????????

Anyone who doesn't have a broken link as profile picture!

What does a deer think when it is caught in the headlights?

Hey, don't take picture of me, my hair is uncombed!
By which function does number of unanswered questions grow as function of answered questions?

The logarithm of x in relation to 42 where x is the asking person's phone number.
If I invite 7 people to dinner at a fancy bistro, 9 actually come, and I show up 30 minutes late, should I order the chicken fetuccini alfredo?

eat them.
why can't guys be called "she" ?

Because they will fall in love with themselves if this happens.
Why is day and night called so and not vice versa?

Last day, I had the weirdest daymare. I dreamed there was a clown and a giant rabbit and they were going to eat me alive and I only had an accordion to -

Why are you laughing?

Cause hes not you!
Why is IE crap?