The daisies in my garden asked me that just the other day. I felt they were asking too many questions and had my cat "teach them a lesson."
What is the nutritional value of Green Eggs and Ham?

coz larry thinks so
why hot dog?

I didn't say "hot dog", I said: "That's hot! Dawg!"

Why is the Moon so far away?

So that you cant touch him like your G/F or B/F?

Why I got Wet whenever I take a bath?

IE is only used to download mozilla, google chrome or opera

Why god created girls

to give us guys something to play with.

what's blowing in the wind?

Pages of obsolute computer manuals.

Why to learn, when we learn two new questions for each answer?

so that there will be books

what makes a girl attractive ?

Depends on you (think about it guys)...

Why is knowledge important

coz we have brain

why do zombies love to eat brains?

it is yummy.

Why are fat people fat?

coz they're fat

why are there no zombies?

Because they are asleep.

Why do i have a cat avatar?

because you don't have a dog avatar
why are apples red ?

because green is sour.

why am i human?

to spread further your race
why am i handsome?

because you think you are.

why do i have a 6 pack?

coz you want to be a baker at heart

why are there no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

because there isn't

why does 1 + 1 = 2?

coz it's not 3.
why does '+' mean 'to add' and 'x' mean 'to multiply' ?

because its math.

why are movies most of the time boring.

because you have a rotton attitude?

Why does Michael have a rotton attitude

commented: yup :) +0

because he does :)

Why is my avatar a fat cat raiding tree house.

Because the cat thinks he can get inte the tree house

Ok a really silly question but yet no one can answer
Why do spiderman do not form part of the Avengers?

becuase he is busy in some other project
name the paerson who invented this IT field

that one IT dude.

why am i a guy?

becuase you are not a girl
why god send to us on earth?

Because he felt like it.

Why was my birthday yesterday?

Let's see. You posted that two days ago, so the answer is because you were not born yesterday. :)

If one is too big for their britches, does that mean they need to lose some weight?