The daisies in my garden asked me that just the other day. I felt they were asking too many questions and had my cat "teach them a lesson."
What is the nutritional value of Green Eggs and Ham?


So that you cant touch him like your G/F or B/F?

Why I got Wet whenever I take a bath?

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Pages of obsolute computer manuals.

Why to learn, when we learn two new questions for each answer?


coz you want to be a baker at heart

why are there no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?


Because the cat thinks he can get inte the tree house

Ok a really silly question but yet no one can answer
Why do spiderman do not form part of the Avengers?

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Let's see. You posted that two days ago, so the answer is because you were not born yesterday. :)

If one is too big for their britches, does that mean they need to lose some weight?

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