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Hey guys, haven't been on here for a while. Just thought, I'd get the ball rolling and interact with the community. Anyways, tell me and everyone else on the internet, the derivation of your username? Why? How? What? When? Who? WTF?

Mine was almost a random choice when I couldn't come up with anything better. The misspelling is intended to differentiate myself a little bit from the rather pervasive correct spelling from Transformers.

Other candidates included ragecoder, algorhythm, and James2.

For me, not so simple to explain.

First some background: I used to do some Win32 graphics programming. One of the methods used in animating is heavily using a technique called a Bit Block Transfer. Basically, you reserve an area in memory, do some manipulations like setting pixel properties, then move it as a block to your graphics area or screen. Do this repeatedly, and it is like the frames of a movie going by.

The function name is BitBlt (also known as "blitting").

Now, for the explanation: When I give help to someone, the best possible result is that the knowledge in my head ("memory area") is moved quickly to the head of the querent with complete understanding. So, I'm "blitting" my knowledge to someone else. So, Bit Block Transfer, BitBlt. It's a stretch, but there it is.


I used to be ProliantFan, as I had (have still) a number of HP/Compaq Proliant servers, and I came here to get help with them and Fedora Core Linux (Version 1 lol!)

Was listening to Autopsy's Mental Funeral album and needed a new e-mail account, might have been dealing with some art stylized with mosaics around the time too.

Mine was from about 20 years ago when I played Dungeons and Dragons role playing board game. It has nothing to do with my real-life race -- I'm a WASP, not Chinese.

My story is boring - GrimJack was an awesome graphic comic from the 1980s. I have used GrimJack as a username in one version or another since 1988 - the name was so popular at the time that I often had to use variants like GrmJck but I would never use something like <username>## - except once I used GrimJack666.

Really?? How do you get ardav out of mississippi?

Dark glasses, a wig and fake passport...

laughed so much I farted all over my living room :)

Really?? How do you get ardav out of mississippi?

uuencode64 ?

Mine is an acronym for: BenAtNoFixedAbode

Which I use in a number of email addresses; this was chosen when I went on holiday to Vietnam in 1999. I wanted an web email address to keep in touch with my family while I traveled, I tried MobileBen, BenMobile and a number of other short 2 word terms but always got the reply "that's not available would you like to use MobileBen2745264" but I've always felt that having a random series of digits at the end of your email address just makes it hard to remember. Having got quite frustrated in a fit of pique I bashed that into the signup form and it was accepted and has stuck. I now use Banfa because it is shorter to type or if it is not long enough BenANFA.

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