Well i have been playing league of legends for almolst a year now, i'm realy liking it
but now i have a problem...i can't play at all

here is the problem: i press on the LoL icon what i do is right-click on it and then press run as admin...(if i double click i get RADS error)
but no further problems... then my computer asks me do you allow this program to make further changes to your computer? (thats normal i just press yes)

but here comes the problem when i press on yes i usualy get to the online/unavailable/bussy screan...but now i dont, when i press yes the thing disapears and then nothing happens... i even gave it alot of time to load (10hours) nothing please help me i would realy like to go back and play... my computer is only 1 year old so it has nothing to do with that it's old and slow because it has 277GB left

this happens with almolst all my games on my computer LoL is the only online game i have but i have CD games that also dont work because of...well i dont know what (they just dont open)

plz help me thanks


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