Just a new member, nuttin special. Figured I'd do the intro thingy. Thanks to Daniel for the neat format to do so.

Name: Red
Nickname: Shorty (haha), Boobies (grrr), "The techie"
Height: 5'5"
Weight: *syntax error: Abort, retry, fail*
Hair: Dyed cause I'm going gray
Eyes: moss green
Location: Shore of Lake Ontario, NY side
Age: 31
Hobbies: Horseback riding, art (comp gen and traditional, anime), working on computers (der), web design, music, communing with nature, compact sports cars, Combat Flight simulator, aviation (RC and fullscale)

Relationship Status: Married

Fav Music: German bierhaus music, German military music, classic rock, swing, big band, rockabilly

Education: Certified medical transcriptionist. Nadda comp class in me, unless you count the highschool years. Hahaha.

Work: Freelance web design, medical transcriptionist, skills instructor for a local company assisting the disabled

Favorite Food: Uh, depends on the mood. Chinese, Mexican, Italian, (no tomatoes in either, thanks), Thai, German, French, standard "heart attack heaven" diner food.

Favorite Movies: The Great Escape, von Richthofen and Brown, Blue Max, All quiet on the western front, Bill and Ted's Excellent adventure, and too many more to list.

Favorite TV Shows: Mythbusters. I really don't watch too much TV. Too busy on the computer. LOL

Favorite Video Games: PS1 stuff like Final Fantasy, Suikoden, etc., and Combat Flight Simulator 2 and 3, FS2004, The Sims1

Stuff you Dislike: Tomatoes, Spyware, Malware, tailgaters, winter storms that drop 6 feet in an hour, people that are afraid of computers, "missing operating system". LOL.

s'bout it. I mean, yeah, there's more to me, but right at the moment, I'm up to my eyeballs in work that needs to get done.

Hi! Welcome to DaniWeb :)