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I am Sameer Shah. I am a young coder born and educated in Mumbai, India and now working in New York, US. Coding has been my passion since I was 14. I like coding in C#,C++,C. At my workplace, I develop applications software much of it using MICROSOFT.NET C# and MSSQL related queries, SP, triggers, cursors. I have completed my bachelors from Mumbai University and Masters in Computer Science with Programming Language as my major from New York Institute Of Technology.
I like to be in company of people who are passionate about coding and strive to make a difference for the betterment of humanity using these skills.
I like solving challenging math problems using computational power of languages as well.
I share my code to discuss, review and enhance on my website.

I am here to learn, review and share my coding experiences.

Hi friends I am new to this forum really happy to be here..I hope update all the information to here thank you

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