Here is a youtube video of the hail storm I had today. It has no audio, so don't toss out your headphones thinking they are broke :)

Brings back memories... of my car getting hailstorm dents.

And it does have audio, so maybe you should toss your headphones...

I wonder what one of those Texas baseball-sized hailstones sound like on a car?

Everything is big in Texas, so a hailstorm leads to a big repair bill.

Although it sucks about your car, that was pretty cool to see.

Update: that storm did $5,000 damage to the car and $11,000 damage to my house. Glad I had insurance :)

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Jeez. Mind you, what sort of car was that - never seen anything like it before - looks like a domestic tank. Hail went through all that armour-plating? I take it that you didn't go outside with your umbrella.

It was very fortunate that no one was injured -- it would most likely have killed anyone outdoors with no protection. As for my car -- it is a Ford Edge. Got to agree with you that it looks a little like an armored tank :)