I am wondering about what keyboard layouts the people that use this forum are using. I would suspect a higher quantity of Dvorak users (like myself) then most places. In my opinion there is no reason not to switch from QWERTY to Dvorak other than to switch from QWERTY to some programming oriented layout. Anyways, my friends think that I am one of a few people in the world that use dvorak. At least one dvorak user please reply that you use dvorak... although if enough people reply with what they use (QWERTY/Dvorak/Other) I could write a statistical report for my friends. Thank you.

QWERTY - it's too deeply ingrained in my brain to change after using it for so many years.

QWERTY...until I can get the USB port surgically installed in the back of my neck. :-)

qwerty .. it's like an inborn knowledge

QWERTY by necessity of using laptops, not to mention phones and other devices. My GPS frustrates the hell out of me that its on-screen keys are in alphabetic order.

Although I do like the theory behind the DVORAK, after so many years of programming myself to qwerty I'm affraid its too late for me to change. It still annoys me that microsoft moved the insert key on this one I'm using now.

QWERTY here too.

I'm afraid your friends might be right, you are abnormal.

Personally, and especially for programming, I find that the placement of the non-letters in a QWERTY layout has more of an impact (and that is not significantly different in dvorak). With code-completion, you don't end up writing that many complete words, even if you choose good long and meaningful variable names. What you do type often is []{};:.<>!&% which are often different on different layouts, and that's really annoying when you use different computers, possibly in strange countries. And also, language plays its part, I can't use a layout that doesn't support french letters (accents and cdilles).

Is there a special keyboard layout that is really tailored for programming with easier-to-reach symbols that are common to most programming languages? I don't think dvorak qualifies.

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As a writer, QWERTY it is. That said, my keyboard is probably a bit different to most courtesy of the low vision problems (Wet MD) which hit me three months ago now. I call the BFYK or Big Freakin' Yellow Keyboard if you prefer :)


In school, I learned to touch-type on the IBM layout.

When Apple sold its Apple II-c with its pre-installed Dvorak option, I tried it out. After only a couple of hours on this unfamiliar key layout, typing was already faster and easier, with fewer typos. I tried promoting the idea to my friends, but they simply dismissed me, as an esoteric but harmless nerd.

Eventually I moved on to the IBM PC. The physical and firmware features were so arbitrary and inconvenient that I gave up forever on the idea of living in a better world.

But it's not entirely hopeless! I also like to use MS Word. I can type away, easy and carefree, and it's great at helping my proof-read and correct which I do after typing, not during. Well it would be great, but you'll notice that this page (the Daniweb forum) does not include Word. <sigh> I hope I didn't leave a lot of typos here!

QWERTZ ...here because i have to work on
a lot of computers, not just in my own and all of 'em have QWERTY or QWERTZ. Cheers.