Hi Geeks,

I'm just a newbie but I want to ask you a simple honest question, is it normal that when I code and I want to compile the stuff I wrote I every time slam the F5 or the CTRL-F5 as hard as I can... like EACH TIME ??

Is that normal ? Or maybe programming isn't for me ?

I feel ilke, ok, let's see what you got BABY and I slam it so hard.

Seriously, I slam that CTRL-F5 in Visual studio so hard I'm getting scared of myself.

Thanks for the help.

Do I need a shrink ?

Maybe my choice of keyboard isn't helping. I just love my keyboard. I have a ultimate DAS keyboard.... Click Here

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Stroke your keyboard - tell it you love it and kiss it before you go to bed at night. How about removing the F5 key? A nice knife and sticking plaster should do the trick, with a "there, there". :)

I switched today from Microsoft Visiual Studio to code::blocks and now my F9 key is telling me it hurts !!!!

i do that with my browser, but i don't slam it, i don't wanna bother myself buying a new one when it breaks

Gently pressing the Run shortcut increases the changes of it actually running. Btw, I have the DAS keyboard too, excellent choice IMO.

Good tip Pritaeas. I just used it and it worked on code that didn't compiled before !!! I love this forum! THANKS!!