Yeah! Everyone must be having a first password which is quiet not strange. The moment you are asked to make a new password is quiet a memorable one. Like mine, it was during a Class, and i quiet took some time to get one. And voila when i finally made one, it was the obvious 123456789. So whats yours???

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Strange post.. Eventhough your intention of post might be good but it's not wise to ask passwords.. there may be a chance of someone guessing and misusing them......No offense...

My first password was probably "Waaaaaa!" -- when I was born :)

My st pasword is greenteh. Which i make for gmail and yhoo address. This is my compny name in which i first time job after F.S.C

it's not wise to ask passwords..

I didn't ask for password. I asked for the first password. And just because most of the time its wacky enough. And as you become more experinced, you change it to more logical one( or totally unlikely one, didn't ask for that). Anyway i understood what you meant.

I don't remember. It was a long time ago. When I first started with computers, we didn't have passwords since we trusted each other and there was no internet and no access by outsiders.

In an early project, there was a back-door magic word "yoicks" that would let you make patches to the system but that's as close as I can come to a password. That system has been dead now for about5 50 years, so I'm not breaching security by revealing it.

If you can even guess what system that was, I'd love to hear from you.

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I remeber my first password was 123456 :)

mine was password! easy to remember ha

Mine was simply my first name in reverse.

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mine was FirstLitch

Mine was "password" :D

Do you really expect me to remember a password from 30 years ago :)

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@AD, weren't you using something like this 30 years ago?

Sorry, i just had to say that ;D

Actually, I was using that in about 1958, or more than 50 years ago :) It was the first typewriter I ever used.

forgot mine alas - was with an IBM thinkpad -
no way to get into it now ! - but looks nice !

hmmm ... if I remember well, my first 'password' wasn't even digital, it was a phrase we had to say if we wanted to enter the camp we built as kids.
kinda forgot the real one, so I just said something like

Let me in, ya moron!

and they let me in, so it might have been the right one after all :)

since im not good with numbers i had one that is easy to remember 777, my cousin cracked it within a week so i had to change it to more complicated one. :)