Go into the forum for a language (such as C++ or Java), and click on the yellow create new article button. Then, use the dropdown to select a Code Snippet instead of a Discussion Thread.

My submission. A simple calculator. Internally uses reverse polish notation format generated using shunting-yard algorithm.

Contest is about only writing Codes Snippet. I mean I want to know in what manner like we write article with pics, output with complete description over any topic or just we need to write codes.

It is about code snippet only, but it must be clear what your context is. The snippet could be demonstrative of best techniques of what you have learned, something you did not get at first but finally realized etc. If it depends on freely available other software or is using previously published in Daniweb code, or even from some other web resource, tell clearly the source as internet address . I often get coding ideas tangent to discussion threads here on DaniWeb and give link to that discussion as part lof introduction of code.

Do not forget these points:

  1. good variable names are more important than commenting for bad names
  2. Enough commenting not obvious parts, not too much though
  3. Good use of functions and language idiomatic use.
  4. Good algorithm
  5. Good data structure for the problem

Time to set up a count down timer until the end of competition submissions?

I think dani won the contest :)

I don't think that Dani submitted anything, at least, not that I could see when reviewing. So, she can't win.

I too was going to vote for mike until I saw the number of corrections made by rashakil fol.


I have a question... it this contest over?

@iamthwee: You misunderstood my smilie, it is really unfair to get so much quite detailed critique from somebody quite knowledgable like rascal^h^h^hhakill (even he can cause unreasonable trouble and positiveness of his motivation may be in doubt) to improve your program. No news is not good news in debugging or finalizing your code. Error reposts are gift for developer. It is like one daughter-in-law at eld times, who washed his mother-in-law's laundry by hand in that kind of washing board so angry and infuriated causing her to wash invigorously, so mother-in-laws laundry was allways most shining and clean one ;).

@mSedique: For posting to competition, yes it is over. Voting continues until end of this month (see link in my signature).

Who won? Or is this still ongoing?

Voting was extended until the end of this month.

C'mon people - VOTE VOTE VOTE

Seriously, not enough people are voting. If you haven't voted yet, why not? If you are thinking about voting, do it now. If you aren't thinking about voting, rethink and do it now.

The members who have entered have taken the time and made the effort to create code snippets for the entire community to use, the least the rest of us can do (those who have not entered code into the competition ourselves) is s devote a little time and effort in return AND VOTE!

Notice that voting time has finished!

Voting has been extended once again, until the end of this month.

This is to try and give as many members as possible the opportunity to vote, as the numbers have been a little disappointing so far. There will be one final push in the next newsletter to encourage voting, and no more deadline extensions :)

Okay, so whats the current ranking? Whos first?.. hehehe

how can i take part in this ? can i ?

The competition period is over (June-July), but you can still vote (see signature).

Well, the votes are in, and we are happy to be able to announce that the winners are as follows:

The prize for the code snippet which demonstrated the most creative functionality goes to Tony Veijalainen, better known as that popular moderator pyTony for his Python snippet: 'Class based polynomials with magic methods'.

The prize for the most elegant code snippet is awarded to the mysterious L7Sqr for the C++ snippet 'Calculator using shunting-yard algorithm'.

And finally, the prize for the most efficient code snippet is heading in the direction of another moderator (which proves that DaniWeb mods really do 'walk the walk' as well talk the talk when it comes to coding) namely Mikael Persson, a.k.a. mike_2000_17 for his 'Scope-guarded lockable objects in C++11' snippet.

Congratulations to the winners one and all, and our heartfelt thanks to every single one of the DaniWeb members who took the time to both submit a code snippet and to vote upon them.

Concatulations to all the other winners and especially to Mikael Persson for catching the main price!

Congratulations to the winners!

Great stuff guys, and a big thank you to daniweb hq for providing the prizes.

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Nice one.

Congrats to the winners!!! :)

I took a look at the winners and compared the code to the code I had submitted. I was reminded of a very old Doonesbury cartoon.

BD: What are you writing your term paper on?

Mike: Juxtabranchial organ secretions in the higher order mollusks. You?

BD: Our friend the beaver.

Congratulations to all the winners. Amazing pieces of code.

Congratulations and well done! :)