And I have partly to thank you guys. I joined DW a while back only occasionly used it. Then stoped. Then started using it more and more. Over the years it has been great. Everything has been great. Everyone has been great. I wish it was possible that we could all go out and have a drink or something. I feel like I owe you guys one. Anyways, I don't want to get too mushy gushy. You guys have been a good part of my life. I remember constantly logging on here to either ask questions or answer them. While I was obsessed with programming for a few years a while back, you guys gave me the resource and fire to fuel that obsesison. Now it has died down a bit. You guys might not know it but you guys helped me through life a lot. From programming to relationship issues to religion. Extra thanks to imthewee, man you are one awsome person. I don't really know the point of this article, but I just want to show my appreciation to you guys. Man I'm such a bitch lol. Time flies by so quick. Hope everyone has been well up to this point. I like the new DW look although some new features annoy me. Take care ladies/gents.

yours truly,


Aww, thanks for the super kind words about our community!! I'm touched :)

commented: It all started from your creation! +0

Thanks for the moving words. I'm glad that we have been a great help to you. :)

Wow, I haven't checked into DW in a long time and it was just random chance I happened to come across this thread.

Props for the kind words but I was just passing on a bit of life experience someone else passed on to me. I'm glad it was useful to you... In life we continually grow and learn things. You just got to be able to adapt and live it fully.

I remember when I was bang into programming - now it had faded quite significantly as other pressing issues take hold.

Good luck with everything. And here's to a virtual beer. Cheers.

commented: I promise you I will pass down the experience and knowledge I have accumulated from life experience and from your advice. +0

Thank you for your kind words! This is really what DW is all about, a cycle of helping, teaching, learning, personal growth and (virtual) friendships.


commented: Thanks a lot mike. You are one nice person. Hope you realize how much impact you have to this community and to each individual person in this community, whether they have realized it or not. +0

I have just come back as well, and I did too make some friends here. Some of them are now banned, some of them passed away (actually, one each), and some I still smile when I see their screen name.

Thanks everybody for these awesome years. Thanks to everyone that replied to my posts, either to make a joke, or to scold me for my comments, but most of all thanks everybody for making this such a nice place.

And thanks to our queen, the cscgal for building this treehouse where we can all be our geekest selves.