So there.

What do you do to kill boredom?

Some days I am bored even of being bored. So when this happens I usually try to view some motivational stuff on youtube to get me a little pumped up. Thing is at first I might not want to do anything because of this boredome but after you actually start doing something for 5 minutes you will notice that it's starting to disappear bit by bit.
Things I do: code something, play a game, watch a movie or tv show, read something. The main idea is to DO something.

When I am bored I find, read, hear, watch or do something exciting, stimulating and entertaining. Sometimes I also talk to people to get rid of boredom. Be active is my motto.

Go shopping, play Diablo III game, or visit DaniWeb. Occasionally I'll drive to one of the near-by tourist attractions for the day.

Go climbing, play Xbox, see the girlfriend or go the pub with a few friends.

Scrolling through Daniweb's forums and reply where I can (If I have any energy). :)

Browse webmaster forums looking for creative features to add to DaniWeb. I'll then have a project on my hands and will no longer be bored with nothing to do.

Or I veg in front of the tv.

If I am bored I work. When I am bored of work I read. When I am bored of reading I listen to music. If I am bored of listening to music I am usually asleep...

When I'm sufficiently bored, I take a "power nap".

Join the Air Force and bomb the beast called boredom.

I read, either interesting computer articles and new techniques if I'm in the mood or general fiction/non-fiction if I'm not, or play chess online. I recently started back on the X-box (and have really enjoyed the Mass Effect series and Portal 2 by the way). And, having 2 dogs, they're always happy to spend an hour down at the park.

When I get bored, I usually either do chatting with my friends or I go for a shopping or sometimes I also play games.
These are my favourite pass times..

Meditation, if that's also boring then watch youtube videos.

When i am bored, I surf the internet until my eyes and brain gets heated up..

boredom? wrong address :))
gotta guooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Take naps. Read books.

Write a letter to your government to outlaw boredom!

In other words, get involved in politics and you never get bored.

movies definitely. i do write some codes if am in the mood.

Browse DaniWeb excessively often, play League of Legends/Smite, go to the gym, watch tv, wash the car or play with the cat :)

Note first entry on list, my continuous availability monday -> friday 9-5. spot the correlation

If you are bored, you most like know less than 0.0001% of the world. So, get to know the remaining percentage of the world!