Hi guys!
My name is Awah and i am a web developer! ("I love calling my self like this! ;) ");
Okay! Here is my problem! I am a 17 years old guy who is obsessed with programming and web development! I finished high school and going to collage soon... I own a web development company!

This is not the problem! the problem is, In the country where i am now (Rwanda), there are no proper geek friends who i can hang out with!!! And the bigger problem is not many developers go to Facebook!

I can't fit in with those who are not developers! they spend their time talking about shit and i honestly get bored the whole time when i am with any of them... specially they all tend to use their mother language which i don't speak!

And you know, whenever i get a friend who is into programming and stuff, they always tend to feel them selves too much! they always think that they know everything and they can do anything which is annoying couz i have knowledge in 19 programming languages and certified in 13 of them which also makes me have good programming skills! It is just annoying when someone who knows nothing feels him selfe too much!! And they all tend to never share anything related to programming or development with me even thought i share almost all of my softwares and codes with them!!!

Ok this is the summery, guys, tell me what to do! i am feddup with these dudes over here and i am feddup with my life and i don't want to be in this situation anymore! It isn't my fault that i love programming and i love web design!!! and it isn't my problem that i know more than my friends about programming and stuff!!!

I hope you guys understand me.. couz most people don't.... I know i am sounding weird but i am just done with this! and i said you guys are programmers and developers and you might know a solution for this shitty problem!

And by the way, i am not that geeky! I got 5 GFs this year only (i got more in the past years).. so it isn't really because i am soooooo geeky that i feel this way or because i have nothing in my head except programming languages!! :p ... By the way, none of my ex-GFs is a geek...

sorry for the wrong words that i've used but i am seriously depressed couz of this thing!

I hope i get responses from you guys telling me what to do.. and if anyone is interested in being friends, then that will be awesome! :) just PM me or i don't know..

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Go virtual, where there are plnety of geeks to hang out with. Hint: you are in the right place right now at Daniweb.

PS. I really don't think that having girlfriends or not has any bearing on geek status. If you have had five girlfriends this year then I would day you need to develop your emotional side a bit more, so that you can enjoy just having one girlfriend that hangs around...


Yup u r right
Actually yesterday I was pissed..
Anyways, I think u r right... And about developing my emotional side, I definitely need to do that!!
I actually connected it with being a geek couz geeks don't play around too much.. Their emotional side is well developed...

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