to day is 65th independence day of pakistan . please wish my country a great future and piece , our soilders fighting for the global piece , even my elder brother captain Faiz also give his life for this noble cause .
40,000 + soilders of pakistan killed in this war against terror.

May God Bless All Of Us

Long Love Pakistan.

Congratulations on your day of celebration. I hope your country achieves a future of peace. My condolances on the loss of your brother.

My condolances, as well. Enjoy your holiday.

What do you people do to celebrate your independence day?

My condolances to you an your family on the loss of your brother.

thanks all of you :) , and sir Acient Dragon on 14 Aug it is public holiday , prade of our Army is held at tomb of founder of Pakistan , Muhammad Ali Jinah , then so many functions in our colleges , schools , universities , and many tv Dramas about History of pakistan , lots of national songs , parties , most importantly every one use batch of pakistani flag .flags at home , lots of posters , face painting on faces . debates. my english is not good so if there is something you cant understand please dont mind.

and in simple words this day is celebrated in Pakistan as in any other independent country in the world.