This may be created already or may not?
But find a way to kill me.

For e.g. Throwing me from angry bird's slingshot

Sorry, but killing someone is never funny or humorous, except maybe in a cartoon like RoadRunner where the person or other living creature is not really killed.

should i hire a serial killer to kill you!?. wuld you like that?, . =D ,just kidding ,killing someone isnt good and i aint gonna kill someone that bcoz he/she wants to die.

how about tickle them to death =D ,, its not worst thing to do yet he'll be dead with a smile on her face =D

After getting all post i think i should not kill anyone

Want to die with a smile on your face?? Have sex with 100 vergins all at the same time :)

how about spending an hour with my cat? Will you make it, no... but if you do, you will not be the same :)