hi guys just wanted to ask you about the specialization that you would choose and here are the options for example: .Net, Oracle, or Cisco???

I chose Oracle a while ago and already passed the requirements and form in our university. But still I'm confused because right now it keeps on getting in my mind to change my option like go to Cisco. I like .Net also but very few took it because of its difficulty and it kind of changed my mind... I can still change my specialization until next week but do you guys think I made the right choice?

Not sure, but cisco oracle and .net seem totally unrelated. It's like comparing apples to oranges.

What do you wish to specialise in?

Can you choose to specialize in more than one of those? If yes, then specialize in all that interest you. BTW Oracle, Cisco and .NET are completly different thigs, that is, Oricle is an SQL database while .NET is a program environment, there probably is a .NET verson of Oracle. AFAIK Cisco manufactures hardware such as wifi network drivers.

It's all because I'm interested in all of these fields I mean I have tried all of them as my major subjects in my course, but uhm if the basis is pay and time for social life what would you guys choose?

You go with what you are most passionate about. If you are fortunate to work in a field that you truly love, you'll actually never work a day in your life. If you are good at what you do and truly love your work, the money will come. With regard to a social life, it will depend on the job that you take. In all of those three areas (networking, database, development), there will be jobs that you have no social life and there are other jobs that will not require that much of your time. This is true with any field.

@JorgeM thanks for the reply sir, belive it or not money is not really my focus I mean I just want my hardwork to be compensated properly I just want to make sure that the pay is just although not really my priority. First thing for me is the career that I will build and how I am going to excel in the field that I have chosen. My second priority is my life with my family and also my social life with my friends that's always been my principle.

The compensation part is always tricky in IT. It depends on the company and your position. For example, if you take a sales related job, the compensation may be greater but at what cost...traveling 80% of the time. Maybe that is OK for you.

My point is that I do not think you will be able to simply compare Oracle, Cisco, and .NET in that manner. Salaries will range according to your position. You can be highly compensated in various positions within IT for various organizations.

I still recommend that you go with what you like best. Its a sure way to guarantee that you stay interested and focused, which will increase your chances at moving up the latter of success. good luck.

my opinion: if you want a job that's good for 'pay and working hours', don't go into it. if you want to do your job decently in IT, take into account that there will be days you'll have to work ten hours or more, without getting overtime paid, and you can't always schedule these up front.

choose the path you see yourself doing ten years from now, without regretting taking that job: do what you love because you enjoy doing it, not just for the pay, that'll just help you burn out a lot faster.

yes, there will be moments you'll have to work more than you want, but if it's a job you're motivated to do, you'll be able to cope with it.

@stultuske thank you sir, turns out I can't really complain about the pay I'll be receiving from a company in the future, but I don't mind though my family and career is much more important. But do you think Oracle is still booming nowadays?

well sure. but you don't need to work for a multi-national to have an interresting carreer.

Orcale, Cisco and .Net are all different things. You can choose anything according to your wish and requirement. While doing programming in ASP.Net, you will have to create database for which you will need SQL or Oracle or MS. Acess.
I suggest you to do anything that you have interest in and would be beneficial for you in future.

please just answer this question, is taking Oracle a wise decision?

im just asking you guys if Oracle is a great pick..

To answer your question yes Oracle was a great pick...

Also let me get back to you on tonight's winning lottery results... My crystal ball isn't working at the minute.

Depends on what you want to do in the near future. You can learn all of these technologies at any point in your career, however you have to think about what you want to do next, it networks then do cisco, databases then oracle and if you want to become a developer then go for .NET

Click HereIf i where in your position i will choose what is challenging,well if you want to choose cisco go for it.In Finland i've been an project manager and i specialize ERP system,i suggest that if you look that is that a good thing choose for it.