lol.. okies.. now imthewee it's you turn.. come back.. where are you? we are waiting for you here. come on!!

Since you don't seem to be taking the hint, I'll lay it down in no uncertain terms. We know that you're nitin1 and you're doing a piss poor job of pretending that you're not. If you can't let things go, why did you delete your account in the first place?

If you deleted your account because you couldn't change your name, for future reference any moderator can do that for you if you ask. If you deleted your account in protest, I can assure you that nobody cares.

On a side note, every one of us has done or said something we regret, but you don't need to delete your account and start over. Despite how it may feel to you, your embarrassing moments are easily forgettable to everyone else. Unless you habitually repeat the same mistakes over and over, everyone will quickly forget about past transgressions because they're simply not that important.

p.s. No, I won't explain in further detail every word I've used in this post. :rolleyes:

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@deceptikon i know that you and all know that i am nitin1. you are not fool and me too not fool(though, everyone think me). that account has very bad repo which is not making me to feel good. sorry for my rude behavioir at that time, i am just pissed off because of someone's behaviour which i must not be.

Secondly, From this thread, i want to know about myself that what actually i am and how will i behave if by mistake i joined any company like adobe or google(which i am aiming at). as diafol said, i am immature,fool, theif, rude and may other i was inviting imthewee also to tell the defects in me from which i can correct myself.

thirdly, one think i have leanrt from you specially(decpetikon) that PROFESSIONALISM AND AFFECTION(or hate) CAN'T GO PARALLELY. they must be kept apart. or it may be reason that it is a big problem with indian people(irony).

fourtly, i expect everybody to be good with me as forget all that things. I was just waiting for someone to say this thing thay "hey nitin, you are here we know and you are warm welcomed to daniweb again."

P.S thank you everybody and for teaching me professionalism and making me mature by pulling off immature feelings from me.
P.s decptikon soory to you and walt that's set. never thought that a site(or forumn) can be so attached to someone that can make anybody to say sorry. ;)

^^I am actually quite impressed by your reply. I'm sure we've all done something stupid at some point and it's great to be given another chance.

Just learn from your mistakes and be a little more thick skinned in the future... You still have a good chance at being a good contribution to the community.

Wow I can actually be nice!? I feel so dirty. LOL

nopes! I never said you are nice! you are educated and professional. Now nice word is deleted from my dictionary. ;) thanks to you. ;)