it is request to whole daniweb that please give me infraction points as much as you can. if you all don't want me to live here, then give 6 more then i will be lost. just for a small 1 thing, 2 points. so keep giving me points dude! thanks ;)

You were given 2 infraction points under the 'keep it organized' rule after posting the same question in multiple forums, this following a promise you made to me not to break the rules any more (following your breaking of the keep it pleasant rule by stalking one of the mods, copying/stealing his avatar and making a nuisance of yourself - for which you did not get any infractions as I chose to give you a chance to behave yourself and correct your behavior instead).

After that keep it organized infraction the reason was explained and you stated "will not do in future" - after which you broke exactly the same rule once again. Hence the second infraction, and another 2 points.

It's not that anyone doesn't want you here, but everyone wants you to abide by the rules which apply to everyone. You only have 4 infraction points, you are not banned until you hit 10 points. Your existing points will expire by the end of October. If you abide by the rules then you will not get banned and your points will disappear.

Please explain why we should make an exception for you, and not infract when you break the rules? I am all ears...

okay sir! it's all my fault. I have adopted a full course professionalism just for this not talked rude with anybody, not broke any rules, not done any thing wrong which i have said. i am not so old so as to get every rule keeping in mind and then only post my posts. if by chance, out of 50 thread, by mistake anybody has posted 1 thread out of place, then you should simply re-place it, rather than giving refraction points again and again. simply keep it in your mind, all people on daniweb are not professionals which you expect from everybody(rules,rules,rules and only rules). some are just 18 like me, some are 15 even(i know many) and some are 65 and some are 45-60. all fingers are not equal in your hands. try to think what i am expecting from you. at the end, you are everything on daniweb. you can do anything on daniweb.

not talked rude with anybody

So when you PM me to say "go to hell" that's not talking rude?

not broke any rules


Do not post support questions in the Community Center
Do not post the same question multiple times

listen my next song : some lines only for you...@happygeek har us ghari, har us lamha yaad karnge tujhe.... har chiz se har sabab se pyar krnge tujhe....kabhi mujhse aakr apni bat kahi to hoti, saari duniya se alag le jaakr pari ki tarah rakhte tujhe.... ;)

these lines are better than giving infraction points ;) take care