Can anyone tell me the good maths forums' names ? I have sometimes doubts in maths while doing coding or something like that. like daniweb is good for computers, Do anyone know about maths forums ? thanks.

yes! i find 2-3 forums, but their reply procdure is too too much late. i have put a question on 2 forums and yet after 26 hours , there is no replies at all. no active, nothing. and their rating are good ones even. :(

Wolfram is not a forum but it is a site that specializes in the maths and a little bit of searching might give you some answers

What level of math?
I know of several forums, but their levels vary.

Are you a high school student? First-year undergraduate university student? etc.?

i am a student doing graduation and currently in 3rd year. I need good level, not very very high, but a good level not a 10th standard basic maths.

You could also post your question here on daniweb under the section - computer science.

Just post here, I'm sure we can help

Computer Science is not much active. sorry to say this thing again! but whenever i post it, no body is there to reply. okay! i will post it and will hope a better reponse from you all guys. thanks