I'm Jens from Sweden.

I have been programmming mostly embedded (AVR) using C for a couple of years. Tried Java (for Windows and Linux on desktop PC) but discovered lots of problems with that. Also tried C++ with CodeBlocks or other IDE's. Struggled with QT4 designer for a while but never really understood what happened. (I really wanted to develop platform independent), but now, I try C# and it is so fun! :)

I just read in the C# forum that

Mono is a linux version of the .NET library, so it will work there, too.

Wow... that´s awesome. I'll try my application on that later!

Next step is programming apps for Android phones. It's possible with C# but not for free.

Välkomna! Jag är altid glad at se an annan svensk pâ Daniweb!

As a C++ advocate, I'd hope you'd give it another try. In any case, have fun! And I hope you enjoy our community!

Hi Jens, welcome to DaniWeb. I think you are going to enjoy it here :)

Thank you, both!
I have been passive here for a couple of days - I got too much other stuff to do (work and family), so it is not easy to find some time for programming. But I will be visiting here now and then...