Can anyone recommend a game/games that are similar in style to games such as Grand Theft Auto? I love games that allow you to roam around entire cities/maps without being restricted to any kind of "linear" storyline etc. The only other games I've come across that resemble this style are "Mafia", "The Godfather", and a countless number of online RPG games (which I loath).

Thanks :D

Assuming were talking PC Games, the only others I would know, would be The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion, and Boiling Point.

Oblivion, whilst being an RPG, (not online), is different, as rather than just clicking on enemies to attack, you get to swing swords, clubs, axes... in 1st or 3rd person, shoot arrows as in a FPS, and use the ocasional spell as you wish. The map is free roaming, and you can set out to save the world, or join the mages, fighters, thiefs guilds, or some assasins guild i forget the name of. Great game, check it out.

Boiling point is much similar to GTA, but set in a jungle. was released with lots of bugs, so you might want to check out what progress has been made in patches.

Thanks man, I'll check them out :D

Need for Speed: Most Wanted has the free roam option where you can just take in the sights. However, if you bang too many cars or buildings, the police come looking for you. But that doesn't happen often.

Yeah, my brother loves that game, I might give it a chance (I usually don't go in for racing games).

Thanks :)

I wasn't a race game addict either. Until NFS: MW. It got me hooked. (I only play NFSMW in the racing genre though).

I think Saint's Row is a free roam game. I don't have it though

its either an xbox or an xbox 360 game. can't remember which

Try Mercenaries.

far cry 2 is a good one, its like gta but much better quality and set in africa with more side quests and stuff

im like you! there isnt one game 4 th ps3 whick i want! i play gta4 but im not exited 2 play it much enymore,im waiting 4 farcry 3 but that wont satisfy my needs, i love freeroam games [bigger the better] i hav a great idea 4 a game and considerd becoming a game designer to make it but i;ll keep dreaming,madmax fury road may be good? i doubt it! gta4 is great but i hate liberty city compared 2 sanandreas. the biggest problem with gta4 is the fact u cant collect ur own cars etc or hav ur own house and garage.

Saints Row I and II - for pretty much all the consoles except Wii I think
Great game, a lot like GTA but controls are different and there's no auto aim, lots of cheats, and lots of fun things to do, like:
- arenas where you can fight and learn crazy fist attack moves. lots and lots of wrestling.
- the turd truck mission in which you spray the city with poop
- some guns can be dual-wielded for gun-fu, like smgs and handguns
- using cheats to change your character size to a dwarf or a giant
- a "pimp slap" weapon, basically a big rubber middle finger, but this ain't no ordinary finger, unlock it with cheat code and see what it does ;D
- "ho-ing" sidequests in which you just ho? you have to enter different commands to use different positions and moves, really horny
- unique vehicles that you can ride around in, like monster trucks, dune buggies, ufos, peewee bikes
- parachute!
- able to say something positive or something negative with button command(yeahhhhh/f*** you)
- your character says things like "too many a55holes, too little bullets."

Then it's farcry, like GTA in Africa, but it's kinda lame though, since it's still mostly war-based

If you like Oblivion then try its predecessor, Morrowind. It may not be as pretty but with the 2 expansion packs it's even bigger than Oblivion and totally unrestricted. If you see an ocean, you can swim across it. If you see a mountain, you can climb up it. If you see a tower, you can levitate up to the roof of it. Nothing is closed to you.

Also, it has a huge modding community and thousands of available plugins can increase the size of the game tenfold. With a certain combination, you can get a free-roam landmass several real miles wide.

do try THE AGE OF EMPIRES........ a great strategy Game..... :)

Try Just Cause 2...amazing free roam like parachuting off of mountains..flying airplanes and fighterjets...grappling hook onto anything....but you do have to do 2 missions at the begining..but there's a flipping fun game..try it out...

Try Red Dead Redemption , Makers Of GTA Made It. Its Set In The Western , You Ride Horses And Its Got A Part Of Mexico And A Part Of The US. Quite Good For When Your Bored And Just Wanna Ride About. You Can Play Poker, BlackJack , Five Finger Fillet Ect

can someone recommend me to a free online 3d free roam rpg that is kinda like wizard101 or roblox with no download or a little download

Can any one suggest me a good Free roam game...after GTA ballad of gay tony....i haven't played any good free roam game... i'v played many but all are borin...

do try THE AGE OF EMPIRES........ a great strategy Game..... :)

:-/ do you have to download that game?

I agree, Fallout is nice for roaming. Not my type of game though.

Have u really checked out chinatown. Wish u do play action/mission then I will say you try out POP-forgotten sands

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hey i would suggest any of the fables, red dead redemption or crackdown, crackdown is almost exactly like GTA, literaly. but only its like u have super powers.

Dude, the best free-roam game EVA is JUST CAUSE 2

Try Infamous on PS3 which is super hot and the sequel is coming out soon. You can also try Crackdown on the 360, but not the sequel in my opinion. You may also get a kick out of Saints Row 1 and 2 as well, man I love gaming!

Red Faction Guerilla is one of the Greatest Free roam games (In My Opinion).

fallout nv and fallout 3 the godfather 2 the godfather scarface far cry2 mercenies just cause just cause 2 dead rising2 fable fable 2 fable 3 crysis;)saints row 2 gta 1 gta san andres gta 3 librety city stories gta iv The ballad of gay tony

Thats all i can think off.......wait the elder scrools morrowind:)have fun

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Dragon Age: Origins, or Prototype depending on your taste.

Definitely bully scholarship edition, best game I have ever played. Also if you played mafia I am assuming u have played mafia 2? Hope this helped