Hello people! This afternoon I've recieved a phonecall on my main line, not a cell, from scammers (I think they're from Eastern Europe). I've recorded a part of this conversation in which the scammers were warning me about a nonexistant malware in my computer by having me show myself some error from the windows log. Apparently they noticed me not being a total nooblet and hung on me. As I said, I recorded that part and wanted to share it with you for your attention/entertainment. Enjoy, discuss and be aware. Fun starts somewhere near the end with the female caller.

Ooh I like that. Thank you.

Hahaha! Nice one. I bet the scammer's sorry after he realized he's been played. :)

I remember a call I received from a fake tech support and he told me Microsoft detected a virus in my computer and that he's called to fix it. I knew right away that he was bluffing. Why should Microsoft call about a mac computer??? I hung up and reported the phone number to www.callercenter.com to raise a warning.

It's a pity these guys called me from a hidden phone number. But I had a good laugh though :)

Woah! 75 minutes?! I thought I had done well with 45 minutes. <minute envy> 75 minutes is a brilliant high score. :)

I haven't been able to watch those videos yet, but when they call, isn't it amazing how forgetful you become, and your hearing, what happens to your hearing, especially when they're giving you those codes?