Not sure if this is the right place, so forgive me if it isn't.

There's a few of us building a huge online portal that contains IT training courses in Cisco, CompTIA, Microsoft and ITIL certifications. We're offering it at the small cost of £5.00/month full access to IT professionals and graduates but we're going to build links to colleges and secondary schools up and own the country providing free access for their students who have interest.

The only problem is that we are unable to complete certain topics. Years of experience and attaining most of the certifications myself has up to now proved sufficient enough for me to author the topics - but there are some that are to tough for me to get down on paper (even though I have practical experience in the topics i'm targeting!) so I need to contract some technology professionals.

Does anyone know of any grants that are available in the UK to complete this project? I estimate to need £5,000 - £8,000 to finish the website.

Thanks in advance!

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No they don't they're smarter than that. The UK government supports business that indirectly boost education and there for employment. They see the money come back in taxes once those who were previously uneducated get a job.

It takes the unemployed who cost us hundreds of millions and and assists them in finding employment positions - therefore less money goes out and more money goes in.

That's basic economics - but I appriciate the joke ;)

N.B. Yes - taxes are high -.-

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