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Mowing the lawn, painting the front door, pruning the ivy... anything her indoors orders... :(

Free time. Hah! Married with children or member of Daniweb - either way (or both!) - there is no such thing. :)

Not quite true, took the kids to see Iron Man 3 today - loved it.

Playing android game and watching movies.

Free time for me is between semesters of school. Presently, I have been learning Power Shell, in order to learn Python, in order to learn C (or at least have a good understanding) by the time fall semester starts. I also, work on the yard (I like to keep my lawn lush and beautiful), care for my pregnant wife, and play with my two awesome kids. They really are awesome.

Study, study, study, study, watch TV!

I eat, watching a movie or playing a game on my phone.

I'm playing basketball or watching movies.

During my free-time, I usually either play games on my phone or spend some time on social networking sites chatting with friends. :)

Play Football to liven myself up or read books and in general anything that is not academic!

Playing Games on my Android phone!!!

books,film,riding articles on the web, lerning stuf.

The only free time time I got is this summer, and it will be the last summer. Really 1 month I spent realizing and stressing over stoping the hard work. Was bored of everything, couldn't start doing nothing after spending so many years hardcore. Plan to go on holidays soon, learn more about security, throw some parties for a-level results with my friends, after all moving to different unis won't get to see each others often.