I am game lover. Till today i have spend 3 months for halo 4 game.I have played this games as a daily basis entertainment.
For which game you have spend more and more time ?

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    Never go near the zombies. I play Black Ops (online multiplayer maps) as it's the only legal way of killing gobby teenagers... Read More


The last time I play a video game is called Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI

During the week, I spend like at least 3 to 4 hours per day after work and on the weekend 21 hours at least.

It's very addicted. I haven't play it since 2008

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Bejeweled Blitz on the iPad (cajn't see it to play on the iPhone anymore, way too small) for those sneaky 10 minute breaks during the day, or when I've got more time and a gaming inclination I am sorry to say it remains Call of Duty: Black Ops on the Xbox most of the time.


Never go near the zombies. I play Black Ops (online multiplayer maps) as it's the only legal way of killing gobby teenagers...

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Thats one of the reasons I moved to BattleField I couldn't take it anymore!

I play a lot of Skyrim too but it's going to be all about Halo 4 soon !


I actually preferred Oblivion to Skyrim, although I do drop in and see how my character is doing every now and then. It's going to be an interesting couple of months up to xmas, what with Halo 4, MoH Warfighter and Black Ops II all coming out in quick succession.


Many many hair-pulling hours of Dark Souls. I got away from it for a bit, with the recent baby and another one on the way, but some new DLC is coming out today, so I'll have to make some time for it. And Battlefield 3 is a tough one to get away from.


Well, I love playing games and Need for Speed(NFS) is my favorite game which makes me stick to the PC whole day........NFS is a car racing game,and you have the option to select the car of your choice and game location.........Obvioulsy it is a wonderful game for those who love racing............


Carmageddon (the original game) and Freelancer.
there were some other games that caught my 'attention' for a few weeks, but these two ... bought them once, still play them. Carmageddon (thanks to GoG.com) still playing after 15+ years, Freelancer after (almost) 10 years


The winner for me is Everquest 2. I started playing at launch (2004) and never stopped. Amazingly enough, the game is still interesting and I put a lot of time into it.

I actually preferred Oblivion to Skyrim

Me too. Maybe it's because I burned myself out on Oblivion and Skyrim really wasn't much of an improvement other than a few mechanics and graphics. The faction quest lines in Skyrim were also a joke compared to Oblivion, so I got bored quickly.

Have you played Fallout 3? That's another Bethesda game that sucked away a lot of my time. ;)


Age of Empires II
I like to set traps for invading armies.

As a family we used to have full on LAN matches with that game. The Star Wars add-on/mod was a great game too.

But we eventually replaced it with Warrior Kings.


I played Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 for more than year.
I used to make own coaster that does not make me feeling of boring.
It was best games, although there are other best games like CoD & Battlefield.


it's lines 99, I used to play this game in everytime i was free during 6 months in a row because I can't break the record I created before. finally I stoped playing coz it wasted my so much time


I like the Assassin Creed series, COD series, Battlefield series, and crysis!

But i am thinking about watchdogs and hitman...


The game I play most often, and the game which is my favorite hands down, is Age of Conan. The game never had much marketing, which is a shame because it really is a beautiful game. One of my guildmates makes amazing videos about the game. Here is one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5QloC_RiBI&feature=colike and you can also search him on youtube under Henryabccba if you want to see some of the other videos he has made. AoC has gone Free to Play, but of course the best way to enjoy the game is via a subscription.

I also play The Secret World, but it isn't for the combat, it is for the story line and puzzling missions. Oh yeah, and the clothes ^.^ (because that is SO important!). I've got Diablo III as well as the first two in the series, though I usually only play it when the AoC servers are down. When I'm wanting a bit of old school action, I go for my Baldur's Gate series, which is still good after all these years.

I have yet to play Skyrim, though I am thinking of checking it out. It's funny that the fact that it is single player has kept me from buying it because I used to be a solo only player when I first started gaming. Ever since I started playing Age of Conan though I have really come to love team play. Another solo play game that I'm going to be getting is The Witcher & The Witcher II. A friend recommened them to me a while back, but I've yet to get them.

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Pamcakes, i just noticed this is your first post since you joined 2 years ago!

Here is a bunny:
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Yes, I had joined and then kind of, sort of, forgot >.< I got an email digest today and I figured I'd get plugged in =D


Michael you and your damn bunnies are taking over! Welcome back Pamcakes. I do believe I've heard of AoC but never looked into it further!

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Theres a gun to kill all the bunnies with.

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Well i guess his rabbits are going at it like... rabbits

Just watched the above linked video.

Looks rather similar to World of Warcraft, my old main game, spent far too long playing it.

Another game im seeing more and more time on currently is one called WarZ. It is currently in Alpha testing however is looking decent for a game at that stage. It is similar to DayZ in terms of it is a Zombie MMO Survival style feature. Run around a world collecting items you find and trying to survive, need food and drink, avoid zombies and other players, or kill them.

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