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Yeah. I'm looking forward to the self heating Coffee Cup...I loooooove coffee.

You think we'll have self cooking food packs in the future? Or are we headed the food pill way?


I could see self cooking easy mac in the near future. It seems only logical that this would be their next step :)


The next thing you know, your coffee cup is going to be programmable, and have a 64 MB flash memory. And of'course it is going to have that ethernet port so it can order more coffee from the internet when it runs out. It will also be self-cleaning. It will let you vote in polls on how much you liked the coffee. And obviously, you may need a little LCD screen on it so you could read DaniWeb while you are drinking your coffee ;).

and it's my 200th post. Woohoo!


Alright thats great but i think i can make it even better! How about its got 100gb flas memory for music storage and listenting while you enjoy your coffee. And ethernet port? How about wireless n (it will be out and working by then), and it will automatically order your coffee when you are low (kindof like those refridgerators that order food for you when it sees your low). And LCD's were so 2006, this things going to have a mini projector that beems up into mid air so you have a lovely 60" image infront of your face to read dani web and these lovely posts much easier. This is important because it is difficult to read small text early in the morning.

Now that is one expensive cup of coffee. I sense it being the new crackberry...i mean blueberry....woops i really mean blackberry.


And it should also have a way of downloading the coffee recipes off the internet, and store them in its HDD, and when you put it into the coffee maker, it would read the recipe, and make just right. And of'course it would be able to communicate with other cups so you can send your favorite recipe to your friend.

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