Anyone into tattoos? I'm not, never had one and don't intend to get one, but there's a couple new reality tattoo shows that I find interesting. One is Ink Master. Another is Tattoo Nightmares One thing these shows told me is that you have to be very very careful about who you let give you a tattoo, you will wear it the rest of your life so you don't want someone who is likely to f**** it up!

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Tattoo Reality Shows

I'm not into tattoos but it bit surprise that there's an article in NY Daily News regarding about that tattoo show. Don't have cable might watch it on HULU.

Seems you have to be in the US to watch it. :(

Like you, I've never had a tattoo, and will never have one. There are clothes of a particular fashion that I use to wear, but would I wear them now? Not a chance! This is one of the reasons that I personally wouldn't want a tattoo. :)

Have they developed methods to effectively remove tattoos yet?

Not my kind of thing.

I do occassionally watch Miami Ink which is another tattoo reality show.

Have they developed methods to effectively remove tattoos yet?

No, but they do coverups. If you don't like the one you have then cover it up with another one.

Have they developed methods to effectively remove tattoos yet?

special, multiple laser treatments are quite effective depending on the ink.

I have full sleeves on both arms, full backpiece, hands, fingers, chest all done neck next, then legs. After 25 years of being inked, you could say I am my own walking, talking, tattoo reality show.


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Do did that on your fingers? That had to pin or hurt little more because it's on the bone.

My most painful tattoos are, in no particular order, those in my armpit, on the elbows, down my spine and across my chest/top of ribcage. The back of my hands were most problematical afterwards, both swelled up like balloons for a few days. Luckily I had them inked a couple if weeks apart on the advice of my inkslinger :) The fingers were relatively painless, truth be told.

I'm planning on getting my neck (both sides, under the ears) and my throat inked next. I have been warned that the throat is rather special when it comes to the pain factor!

Always wanted one and got vouchers to get one but bricked it because I couldn't think what to get done so I gave them away.

Theres a show called London ink too.

HappyGeek whats the meaning of the 1,4,7 on your middle finger or am I being naive

HappyGeek whats the meaning of the 1,4,7 on your middle finger or am I being naive

Am guessing this.

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That link was pretty funny about A Universal Hacker Emblem

Happygeek has a lot of tattoos. I think each tattoos on Happygeek has a meaning. It's hard to understand why he choose those symbols.

Unless he's in a Freemasonry organizations or some sort fraternity.

I can imagine that an employer gets real excited about hiring you, when you show up covered with tattoos.

OK, the finger symbols:

13 (hidden under wedding ring) is the day I both met and got married to my wife Susie.
Anarchy symbol with LF represents the Animal Liberation Front of which I am a supporter.
The ? is just that, it represents my inquisitive nature in all things.
The green V is the Vegan symbol, I am Vegan.
The glider, as pritaeas pointed out, is a hacker culture symbol - I went for a variation of the more common dots/squares and interpreted it as binary.
The pawprint shows my affiliation to FLAG, an animal rights activist group.

The hand tattoos:

The fist/paw on the left hand is an Animal Liberation Front symbol: Animal Liberation and Human Liberation side by side.

The right hand is the symbol for Veganarchism.

As for employers, I have been running my own very successful business for the past 20 years without problem thanks very much Lardmeister. Your prejudices are not shared by everyone. Any potential client (and mine have included Microsoft, British Telecom, News International, Dennis Publishing, The Science Museum, The BBC, Channel 4, Royal Mail to name but a very few) that would not want to hire me due to my ink is, quite frankly, not a client I would be prepared to work with in the first place. It is what I do, not what I look like, that matters.

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My nephew had this done a few years ago. It was his first one. After a few hours( and only halfway through) the artist asked him if he'd like to finish it up another day. His response was "once I get out of this chair there's no way I'm ever getting back in so you'd better finish today".

I've seen an awful lots of big chaps with half armbands around the bicep. Talking to my inkslinger friends this is down to them usually wanting a full armband that goes all around, but bottling out half way through. Wimps :)

Davy: Here's a great tattoo artist who is currently on reality tv show Ink Masters. There's only two weeks left this season and I suspect she may win.

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So the winner was Steve Tefft and he's the Ink Master.

I'm just curious.

Would anyone date these 3 girls kat von d or Levy Tran or Sarah Miller?

Will you considering marry either one?

My answer will no to all 3 because it's too much tattoo all over the body.

I still cringe seeing that much tattoo and pain to get those tattoo.

Yes. Ink is sexy. End of...

Personally i think having way too much tattoos are kind of gross (sorry happygeek)... How much would it cost for all those tattoos anyways?

And by the way, don't tattoos infect your blood?

... Sorry if my approach towards this topic was aggressive...

No, tattoos do not infect your blood. At least not unless you are having them done in prison by some bloke with a home-made gun using 'pencil lead and piss' ink.

Cost? How long is a piece of string? Seriously. Where I am (Yorkshire, England) you can work on paying between £60 and £100 per hour for custom work by a decent artist. I have probably spent a total well in excess of £5000 on my ink over the last 25 years.

As for the gross issue, that's fine. I'm glad everyone is different, that's what makes us human.

Really, you don't gain infections? Then why do some people have their tattoos swell up? Know what I mean?

By the way happygeek, last year i saw a man who put tattoos on his eyelids and had hair drawn by tattoos... Just a few tats to mention that were just on his face/head... You don't want to know what his eyelids say by the way...

Yes really, you don't get infections if you are inked by a qualified, licensed tattooist who sterilises his equipment and follows the proper guidelines.

Tattoos can swell up quite badly depending upon location. The back of my hands, for example, became balloons for a day or two. This is part of the normal healing process, with the body reacting to the fact that it has been 'attacked'. Think of a tattoo as a burn, becuase that's essentially what it is, with added ink.

If the tatto studio isn't clean, you keeps scratching the tattoed area or it's not properly look after when it's healing it can get infected but if you've got your whits about you you'll be fine.

I got vouchers to get a tatto from my partner last year but I **** out and gave them away because i didn't know what I wanted.

I was thinking of getting a tattoo until I started watching Ink Master. Ohhhh! all the pain!! No thanks.

It depends on where you get it I think, the foot and hands are supposed to be the worst.

Apparently it's really painful for muscular people.

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Where I am (Yorkshire, England) you can work on paying between £60 and £100 per hour for custom work by a decent artist. I have probably spent a total well in excess of £5000 on my ink over the last 25 years.

You spend £5000 = $8084 on tattoo the last 25 years.

You got a good deal!

I think most people spend more than $10,000 (£6186) to get that much tattoo.

Getting a small tattoo cost around $100 to $150 dollars. If I remember.

Would anyone date these 3 girls kat von d or Levy Tran or Sarah Miller?

Definitely yes. Ink is sexy (at least, those that compliment the curves). But I think dating those 3 girls at the same time would be a bit too much to handle ;)

Much of my work was done by someone who quickly became a very close friend, and she sometimes did my work for free and never charged the going rate. Quite Often I would sit in the chair for four hours and end up paying less than £100. Sadly, I onow live too far away from Maria to consider getting any more ink from her (the drive is about an hour and forty five minutes each way).