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My older son is currently living in Stony Brook, Long Island. His house was on a hill (60 feet above sea level) and survived intact. However, he spent the duration of the storm in his office at the University (which also survived intact - 40 feet abouve sea level). He was lucky - the University has its own power system so the power remained on (except for the odd flicker) throughout. Here in Winnipeg we are pretty much isolated from any effects.


My home has electricity and Internet access but my office is not as lucky. Also, I've been playing host for the past few days to a family of four that lost their home.


Did you know this family previously? Whether you did or didn't, it is an immensely kind thing to do. It's one thing to have friends visit, and stay over. But, it's completely different to have people living with you for an indefinite period of time, whether friends or not.

I've read of many disasters in the past and present, but I can't say that I've ever read of a poster in a forum say they've gone to this level of helping a family. Many, many people like to help in various ways, however, it's usually 'help from a distance'.

this is a tremendous gesture in kindness. It's great to know there are still people like you out there. :)


blog.Gawker.com is down - I kid, I live in Seattle so I am pretty far away from the disaster. I hope everyone stays well.


Everyone, everywhere, can help by donating whatever they can afford to the American Red Cross at at this link.. Be aware that other organizations may not be legitimate and may be scams. You should check out other organizations thoroughly before donating to them.


I went into Walgren's to buy my meds and their system asked if I wanted to donate to the RC - of course, I did.

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